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Coffee and Tea: The Two Secret Flavor-Boosting Ingredients

Coffee and tea are the two flavor-boosting ingredients that are exciting chefs these days. The perks? A robustness and complexity that makes your dishes daring and delicious. Plus, the brews' antioxidants are megahealthy. Here, inspired recipes that will shake up—and wake up—your palate. (More good news: Coffee and Tea Are Super Good for You)

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Power Down Before Bed

We know that a lack of sleep leads to weight gain: A six-year study in the International Journal of Obesity found that people who got less than six hours of sleep a night gained more than double the fat—some of that ab fat—than those who went from sleeping too little to getting seven to eight hours per night. (Seriously— sleep might be more important for weight loss than even diet and exercise.) To snooze faster and better, turn off visual stimulation an hour before bed, ban pets from the mattress, and keep the air at 60 to 67 degrees. (Eating these foods before bed can help too.)

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Go Veggie for Dinner

Having your biggest meal of the day at lunch and going smaller for dinner—try a broth-based soup and a big side of veggies—is helpful for weight loss, Foroutan says. A study in Diabetic Medicine found that type 2 diabetics who ate a vegetarian diet (combined with moderate aerobic exercise three times per week) lost more dangerous visceral belly fat and body weight than those who ate a conventional lower-carb diabetic diet. (And, BTW, vegetarians live longer.) Also, other research suggests that shifting your calories toward the beginning of the day instead of the end helps the body burn more fat overall.

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