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Ginger Zee

The Good Morning America meteorologist first got candid about her battle with anorexia while competing on Dancing With the Stars. She revealed to Us Weekly, "I'm so angry that [anorexia] is the way that I decided to cope. It's going to be with me my entire life. I'm always going to have body-shaming issues. But I think I've now grown into enough of a woman and mature person that I realize life is a lot bigger than that."

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Kate Winslet

Kate may be a revered, Oscar-winning actress who flaunts her curves on the red carpet with extreme confidence. But she wasn't always among the 10 most body-positive women in Hollywood, as she admitted to an obsession with losing weight fueled by laxatives when she was a teenager trying to break into Hollywood.

She has said she was rather uncomfortable and self-conscious as a teenager, wanting to lose weight in hopes of breaking into the acting world. She lost 10 pounds, but "then I became addicted to losing weight and went too far. I was never anorexic or bulimic. I went through a three-month experimental laxative time which was absolutely awful. Luckily I was strong enough to be able to say to myself, 'What are you doing? You are just really hungry,'" reports The Daily Mail.

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Alexa Penavega

The Spy Kids star opened up about recovering from bulimia while competing on Dancing With the Stars. Alexa revealed that her battle with bulimia began in childhood after a movie producer told her she was "too fat." She said of her journey to People, "You read textbooks and it's just so, well, textbook. 'This is how you get over bulimia.' But it is so much deeper than that."

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Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci first came onto the scene in now iconic movies like Mermaids and Casper when she was a child—at a time when she says she was insecure about her changing body. Those insecurities morphed into a battle with anorexia that she sought treatment for. The actress explained during a 2012 appearance on The Talk, "I think it's just really awkward to go through puberty and go through growing up and becoming a woman when everybody is always kind of looking at you. You're doing fittings for a movie, and people are judging how this looks on you and how that looks on you ... I would say that if you feel like you are starting to obsess too much about the way you look, then definitely get some kind of therapy or help very quickly. Because that can just grow into an obsession that you can't control."

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Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee was a fan favorite (and runner-up) on American Idol in 2006—but she was hiding a secret battle with bulimia the entire time, something she later said she felt held her back. In an interview with People she talks about that bittersweet time in her life saying, "I'd been struggling with bulimia since I was 17. Growing up in Los Angeles and spending all those years in dance class, I'd been conscious of body image at a young age, and I went through phases of exercising compulsively and starving myself. Food was my crutch; it was how I dealt with emotions and uncomfortable situations." (Read up on how your brain makes decisions about food and what to eat.)

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