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Winter Salad with Roasted Grapes and Farro

Once you try roasted grapes you might never go back. This technique brings out the grapes' natural flavors and sweetness and adds an interesting element to this Winter Salad with Roasted Grapes and Farro. Butternut squash and farro fill you up, and creamy goat cheese and crunchy pecans top it all off!

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Traditionally, this Lebanease salad is made using bulgar wheat, but this Quinoa Tabbouleh is entirely gluten free. Everything else is the same, and oh-so-simple: tomatoes, onion, mint, parsley, lemon juice, and a splash of olive oil. Skip the expensive salad bar, and make this healthy recipe at home instead.

Pineapple Black Bean Salad

There's a really good chance you already have the ingredients for this Pineapple Black Bean Salad on hand. A lime vinaigrette made with lime juice, honey, garlic, and olive oil is the perfect way to dress this grain-based salad that's a little bit sweet (thanks to juice pineapple) and a little bit savory (thanks to black beans and bulgar).

Autumn Glow Salad with Lemon Dressing

It doesn't have to be fall to eat this Autumn Glow Salad with Lemon Dressing—in fact, we bet it will become a year-round staple in your house. Start with bulgar (or freekah or quinoa), add satisfying cauliflower, starchy sweet potatoes, crisp apples, and a to-die-for lemon dressing for an addicting grain-based salad.

Greek Super Grains Salad

Crunchy veggies like tri-colored bell peppers and cucumber get tossed with chopped tomatoes feta and olives for traditional Greek flavors. Add quinoa (or the grain of your choice) and it's instantly elevated from a snack to this filling Greek Super Grains Salad. A little red wine vinegar and quality olive oil and you're good to go.