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Blogger Unknowingly Body Shames Herself and Shares the Comical Photo to Prove it

Constance Hall, an Australian blogger and mom of three, recently took a trip to the mall in search of a dress. She experienced an awkward encounter with a shop assistant where she thought she was body shamed. Realizing that she was unknowingly body shaming herself, she wittily shared the experience in a simple yet powerful Facebook post.

In the post, Constance tells her followers that she was happily browsing the racks when the assistant approached her. "Sorry darling those racks are size 6s and 8s only, the other racks will be better for you," she said.

The Final Five's Killer Legs

The Final Five are having the best month ever. After slaying the Olympics, the gymnasts (sans a bedridden Gabby Douglass) dominated the red carpet, showing off their gold medal-winning bods in sparkly mini-dresses. It's no surprise they look just as good all glammed up as they did in those insanely sparkly leotards.

Photo: Instagram/@simonebiles

Fit-Friendly Ads

Even the commercial breaks got in on the fit-friendly action this year. Instead of being dominated by junk food ads, the commercial breaks conveyed healthy messages, like the Truth's campaign to quit smoking.


Michael Phelps Explains His Face

The most decorated Olympian ever finally gave the world the story behind the face that launched a thousand memes. To pump himself up for medal-winning performances, the swimmer turns to a hip-hop heavy workout playlist. When he made that pre-race face, Phelps says he was listening to rapper Future. Excuse us while we go update our workout jams, ASAP.

Photo: Twitter/NBC