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5 Things All Competitive People Should Do In Life

You've gotten dirty looks in spin class when the woman next to you catches you eyeballing her score. You've become obsessed with being the best at everything you try, and you may have lost a friend or two in the process. Such is the plight of the competitive woman. We're not suggesting becoming blasé, but you might want to consider mastering the following five skills to make life a little easier.


Kate Spade Is Launching the Cutest Fitness Trackers Ever

Raise your hand if you're totally tied to your fitness tracker. Yeah, us too. And it's easy to see why—with all the tech available now, you can track everything from your steps to your sleep cycle. But as much as we love them, some of the clunky bands start to look out-of-place once you step outside of the gym. (Here are 8 Fitness Trackers We Love.)

Take a Bite Out of This Crossbody Bag

What's sweet talk without a sweet walk? Rock this juicy watermelon crossbody bag when you strut with your girls — sigh, if only you could eat it, too. ($58;

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