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"Girl with No Job" and "Boy with No Job" Do Yoga with Cats

A lot of people loathe regular yoga—all the quietness, balancing, breathing, and contorting into shapes equal absolute hell if you're not into it. Now imagine letting the thing you're most afraid of (spiders, snakes, your ex-boyfriend, etc.) wander around the room while you're downward-dogging. Sounds like a total nightmare, right?

Day Five

Dry shampoo from root to tip; the grip it gives preps my hair for an updo (topknot, anyone?). And after five days, it's time to lather, rinse, and repeat. (Trying to make it through another workout? Throw your hair into one of these double-duty workout hairstyles that look great while you sweat, and leave your hair looking even better after.)

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