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If you're craving sand and surf, a tropical island vacation is closer than you think. Bermuda is just a two to three hour flight from the East Coast. Check into the newly renovated Hamilton Princess & beach Club (from $479 a night;, change into your workout gear, and meet up at the recently opened Exhale, the property's spa and fitness center, for a Core Fusion barre or yoga class. Afterward, hop on the hotel's jitney to Princess Beach Club, which boasts a private cove on Bermuda's beautiful South Beaches. Relax in the water hammocks or borrow snorkeling gear to get an up-close look at ocean life offshore.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Go on a Jet Ski adventure with your group (rentals from $125; You'll zoom past local monuments like Somerset Bridge (the world's smallest drawbridge), and the historic forts of St. George. Be sure to slow down to explore Bermuda's amazing Sea Gardens, where colorful reefs poke out from the ocean. Go from the sea to the subterranean with a group tour of Bermuda's remarkable caverns (from $22;, including the Crystal Cave, which features a massive, super clear underground lake. Aboveground, rent bikes (from $40; and hit the Bermuda Railway Trail, a scenic 18-mile path that winds past secluded beaches, lush woodlands, and several stunning lookout points. (Follow these pointers to make sure you stay in shape during your relaxing beach trip.)

Photo: Sam Robinson

Homemade Cheez Whiz & Homemade Velveeta

Why it's healthier: Store-bought processed cheese foods are stuffed full of preservatives, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and artificial flavors. This homemade version features bone-strengthening gelatin, milk, and cheese, yet still melts and tastes like Velveeta! Not only is it not junk, it's still tasty and satisfying too.

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Photo: Nourishing Joy

Zucchini Pad Thai

Skip the carb fest with Thai takeout. This zucchini noodle pad thai is lower in sodium and sugar than your standard bowl of noodles, way lower in empty carbs and calories, plus it's gluten-free!

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Photo: Honestly, Morgan

Vegan Jamaican Patties

Buttery pastry and fatty meat.... Unless you're still rocking the metabolism of your college-age self, these kinds of foods probably have become an occasional treat. Not anymore! This better-for-you version swaps out the questionable ingredients for an all-vegan filling and pastry.

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Photo: Edgy Veg

Homemade Spicy Black Pepper Beef Jerky

Most store-bought beef jerky is loaded with corn syrup, sugar, soy, and additives. Thankfully, you can make your own delicious, healthy, and protein-packed beef jerky in your own oven using simple savory spices.

Get the recipe: Homemade Spicy Black Pepper Beef Jerky

Photo: The Rising Spoon