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Protect Your Lips With Tinted Balm

Protecting your lips from the sun's rays is just as important as the rest of your body, but it's easy to overlook, so you often wind up with chapped, red, or flaky lips, and that's just not sexy. Tinted lip balms with SPF are a more flattering alternative to thick, white sports balms. Try Mecca Lip De-Lucious Tinted Balm with SPF 25

Photo: Mecca Cosmetica

Save Your Hair from Summer With a Mask

Summer is for being outside, but all that time spent at the pool or beach can do some damage on your tresses. Rehydrate your hair with a lux Hello Hair Hydration Mask ($15; made with coconut, almond, argan, and essential oils. The natural, vegan hair treatment will repair locks damaged from salt water and sun.

Photo: Hello Hair

Exfoliate With a Coffee Scrub

Aussie beach babes know that a body scrub made from coffee grounds is the perfect way to smooth and clear skin. Before applying tinted moisturizer on your body or sunscreen on your face, prime the area by exfoliating with Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub ($14.95; made simply ground coffee beans, almond oil, salt, sugar, and vitamin E. Or you could even try to whip up a DIY batch in your own kitchen.

Photo: Frank Body

Whiten Teeth Naturally with Oil Pulling

Local Aussie brand Keeko has developed products like Keeko Oil Pulling Sachets ($29.08 for 14 sachets; to help you detoxify your mouth and whiten your teeth through a process called oil pulling. Say what, now? Basically, you warm a packet of oil (Keeko offers coconut, chamomile, lemon, or myyrh), dump the oil into your mouth, and swish for 5-15 minutes before brushing your teeth Oil pulling is saif to naturally whiten teeth, strengthen gums, and banish bad breath. 

Photo: Keeko

Sunblock That Doubles as Moisturizer

Bali Body Natural Moisturising Sunscreen ($24.95, is SPF 15 "sunblock", but you won't see that term on an Aussie bottle. Manufacturers were banned from using the term "sunblock" on packaging as it was deemed misleading as consumers may believe it blocks the sun's rays entirely. Nonetheless, this lightweight product with zinc oxide can be used every day under makeup, as it also seriously moisturizes (thanks to rose hip, avocado, and jojoba oil) while protecting against UVA and UVB rays sans white streaks or tackiness.

Photo: Bali Body