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Your Guide to Watching the Upcoming Solar Eclipse


Photo: Rodin Shutterstock

Unless you've been living under a rock as big as the moon, you probably know about the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21. In case you don't recall what that is from high school science class, this rare astronomical event occurs when the moon slides between sun and Earth. Pretty cool, huh?

Lo Bosworth Just Shared a Brilliant Make-Ahead Breakfast Idea

If you think eggs and frying pans are inseparable, time to expand your horizons. Baked eggs are extra satisfying, especially when the yolk stays a little runny. They're as fancy as poached eggs but easier to master. Baked eggs are nothing new—avocado egg boats, scrambled eggs in muffin tins, and egg clouds have each had their respective 15 minutes of fame. But there are new ways to reinvent the dish!

Emily Skye Has a Message for Everyone Who Thinks They Know What's Best for Her Pregnancy

It can be hard to catch a break from haters when your job is to constantly be in the spotlight. Fitness influencer Emily Skye is no stranger to that feeling and was recently tested when people on social media started accusing her of working out due to vanity during her first pregnancy. But rather than paying attention to the negative banter, Skye is focusing on enjoying every moment of this special time in her life—and wants everyone to know it.