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Demi Lovato

Lovato's new boo is an MMA fighter, so it only makes sense that she'd learn how to beat him at his own game. Plus, the look on her face when she realizes she's won this match is pretty adorable. While some have raised concerns that her routine of spending four hours in the gym a day is too much, she seems to be loving it.

Photo: Instagram/@ddlovato

Ellie Goulding

Goulding gets into beast mode on the reg when she exercises, and her forays into boxing and MMA fighting are no exception. Plus, she's been at it for a while so she's basically a pro now. As for why she loves it, the songstress told Marie Claire back in 2015: "Boxing is very animalistic, and there's a lot of adrenaline in it. It has helped my stamina. When I'm onstage, I feel like I could go on forever."

Photo: Instagram/@elliegoulding

Gina Rodriguez

A few months ago, the Jane the Virgin actress took a trip to Thailand to train in and learn all about Muay Thai, which is the national sport of Thailand. (Curious about it? Here's why you should give Muay Thai a try.)

Photo: Instagram/@hereisgina

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