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Newark, NJ

Newark is super walkable with a somewhat mild climate. It's just a train ride away from New York but has a smattering of small parks throughout the city so you can still get your nature fix.

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Oakland, CA

Oakland scores high for temperature and sunshine (as you probably guessed), making it a perfect place for fair-weather runners. Try Strawberry Canyon and the Bay Ridge Trail, or test your trail running in Redwood Regional Park.

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Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is a sort of two-for-one. Explore the Mississippi River, the Midtown Greenway, or the nearby lakes, or take your training to the other of the Twin Cities, St. Paul, for runs at Summit Avenue and Como Lake.

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Portland, OR

Despite Portland's reputation for gloomy weather, the city makes up for its climate with jungle-like greenery and parks to spare. Plus, with the Nike headquarters nearby, you know it has to be a good locale for all things fitness.

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Philadelphia, PA

These weren't factored into Redfin's rankings, but we think running the Rocky steps should count as major points for this city when it comes to marathon training. Stop by the Liberty Bell and then make your way over to the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art to dash up a flight or two. Now that will earn you a Philly Cheesesteak. (Plus, you'll get these stair-climbing health benefits.)

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