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Chocolate Cinnamon Apple Rose

It may look like it takes a pastry school grad to perfect these Chocolate Cinnamon Apple Roses. But when your dinner guests start Instagramming the dessert the second you set them down, you'll know the time spent slicing the apples and delicately rolling them with a chocolate pastry paid off. (If you love these fruity desserts, you'll devour these delish summer pies.)

Photo: i am baker

Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark

The blogger behind this Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark says she makes this recipe once or twice a week. And it's easy to see why: It takes no time at all (save for a couple of hours in the freezer) and is a tasty way to get your fill of yogurt and naturally sweet fruit. PSA for 9-to-5ers: Don't try packing it for the office or you'll end up with a melty mess in your bag. Ick! (Speaking of yogurt desserts; these smoothie popsicles are a great way to merge healthy breakfast with smart, sweet dessert.)

Photo: Courtney's Sweets

Mixed Berry and Angel Food Trifle

Stock up on two pounds of berries at your local farmer's market (or make a visit to the frozen berry aisle at the grocery store when the fresh stuff is nowhere to be found). This Mixed Berry and Angel Food Trifle recipe mixes heaps of berries with fluffy angel food cake. The best news is it requires no baking—which should really be a mandate for every summer dessert recipe.

Photo: Natasha's Kitchen

Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream

Almost too pretty to look away, right? The real beauty of this Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream recipe, though, is how easy it is: All it takes is topping perfectly caramelized peach halves with ice cream and a pinch of salt for that irresistible sweet-and-salty combo.

Photo: What's Gaby Cooking

Cherry, Pistachio, and Balsamic Honey Yogurt

If your nightly yogurt "dessert" has gotten stale, switch things up with this Cherry, Pistachio, and Balsamic Honey Yogurt. The sweet cherry topping and crunchy sprinkling of pistachios give your protein-packed treat the shakeup it needs.

Photo: Cookie and Kate