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High Plank Knee-to-Elbow

A. Start in the high plank position.
B. Keeping butt as low as possible, bring right knee to left elbow (or as close as possible). Return to starting position.
C. Bring left knee to right elbow. Return to starting position. That's one rep.

Reps: 10

Photo: Kirk DeWindt

Inchworm Push-Ups

A. Perform 3 push-ups.
B. Then with legs straight, walk hands toward feet, ending in a standing hamstring stretch position.
C. Walk hands back down until you're in the push-up position again. That's one rep. Repeat the push-up-to-inchworm pattern.

Reps: 10

Make it easier: Drop to knees for the push-ups, then move back onto toes for the inchworm.

Photo: Kirk DeWindt

Ready for the Beach

It's that time of year again: The Bachelorette is ending and summer TV is begging for more romantic drama. Enter Bachelor in Paradise, where couples go on dream dates and make out with each other in the hopes of getting a rose. Of course, it all happens in an exotic destination—which requires a lot of time in a bikini. And you can bet your favorite pair of sneaks that each and every one of those contestants is working out to look good on TV.

Which is why we turned to Kirk DeWindt, arguably one of the biggest stars of last season (and the one who broke Carly Waddell's heart right at the last minute), to give us a workout worthy for anyone headed to the beach—TV crews following or not. Off camera, DeWindt is a certified personal trainer in Minnesota (and through his online program), and he's also an avid Spartan racer. So he knows a thing or two about fitness.

In honor of the new season, which premieres August 2nd, Dewindt developed an exclusive total-body workout for It'll get your blood pumping and muscles burning, and work everything you'll want to show off at the beach—without using any equipment. The circuit starts by working the upper body, transitions to your lower body, then finishes with total body and core. Do all of the exercises straight through, then rest for three minutes before repeating the entire circuit 2-3 more times.

Photo: @kirkdewindtpt/Instagram

Make Every Day Arm Day with These Cute Muscle Tanks

Mesh Ace Muscle Tank

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Muscle tanks with fun details are perfect for letting those sculpted back muscles peek out. The perforated mesh top is not only extremely breathable but helps show off your favorite sports bra. ($75;

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Photo: Carbon 38

Breeze Tank

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Hey, sunshine. Brighten your day (and workout) with this pretty yellow tank. This luxe slub jersey won't get in the way of your yoga flow. ($44;

Photo: Alo Yoga

Mixed-Mesh Tank

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You won't let that pretty sports bra purchase go to waste when you wear this mesh tank. You'll want one in every color. ($39.50;

Photo: Victoria's Secret

Get Fit Burnout Tank Top

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Your motivation will be staring you right in the face when you throw on this muscle tee. Plus, the deep cutouts will keep you breezy and cool throughout even the toughest of workouts. ($10.90;

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Photo: Forever 21

Amazonite Excel Tank Top

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Make a style statement at the gym in this muscle tank that's comfortable enough to sleep in. Your form will be on point in this lightweight material. ($65.99;

Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods

UA Athlete Muscle T

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Slay your style and crush your workout in this tank that reminds you that you too are an athlete. Tip: Wear it while watching the Olympics! ($29.99;

Photo: Under Armour

Nike Signal Muscle

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Your biceps are begging to be noticed in this breezy cotton tank. The vibrant colors are just a plus. ($24.97;

Photo: Nike

Seamless Muscle Tank

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Let your hard work speak for itself in this comfy muscle tank. It's soft and seamless, so you'll never want to take it off. ($39.50;

Photo: Victoria's Secret

The Luxe Drape Muscle Tank

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Tanks like this are perfect for both in and out of the gym. Throw it on with a pair of white shorts for a weekend walk or tie it up and wear with leggings for yoga class. ($28;

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Photo: Everlane

Deliciously Smart Twists On the Poke Bowl Trend

In an Avocado

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What doesn't taste better when it's made with avocado? These ahi poke avocado boats pair perfectly seasoned tuna with everyone's favorite fruit for a meal that's truly Instagram-worthy. (Have you tried these 8 new ways to eat avocado?)

Photo: The Movement Menu

Paired with Tropical Fruit

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Fresh fruit adds a tangy sweetness to contrast the rich fish and nutty sesame oil in these ahi poke bowls with pineapple and avocado. Serve the mixture over rice with some seaweed, or use tortilla chips to scoop it up.

Photo: How Sweet It Is

Topped with a Creamy Sauce

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The spicy sauce on this salmon poke combines sriracha, the Japanese spice blend shichimi togarashi, ginger, lime, and more for complex, delicious flavor.

Photo: Cooking With Cocktail Rings

In a Towering Stack

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This fancy-looking stack looks complicated, but it's actually pretty easy to make. And with the sweet and spicy sauce, these fresh ahi poke stacks with papaya and avocado are sure to win over guests. (Psst...Here's how spicy foods can help you live longer.)

Photo: Kevin Is Cooking

On a Nori Chip

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These all-natural nori chips are super easy to make. And when you top them with ahi tuna poke, they make for an impressive-looking, fresh, and healthy appetizer, snack, or light lunch.

Photo: Scaling Back Blog

With a Vegan Twist

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Marinated tofu and veggies glazed in an Asian dressing make for a fish-free dish that's vegan friendly. But even non-vegans will flip for the flavors in this tofu poke bowl with sesame glazed carrots.

Photo: Hello Glow