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Two Fit Moms: Laura and Masumi

Laura and Masumi of @TwoFitMoms are New Jersey mothers whose yoga Instagram snapshots have collected and inspired more than 40,000 followers (and their individual accounts hit even higher). They travel to teach workshops and classes, and preach that yoga truly is for everyone. (If you want to get a taste of their flow style, try our 30-day Yoga Challenge to Get Your Om On.)

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The Chin Twins: Kimmy & Crissy

The Chin Twins are mothers, yogis, former fashion models, and twins, separated by over a thousand miles (Kimmy lives in Alabama and Crissy lives in New York City). But they stay connected through their stunning photos (like this one of mirrored eagle poses), which showcase the strength and beauty of yoga as well as the mind-blowing coolness of identical twins. Really though, they look exactly the same.

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You Know What They Say...

Friends who work out together get super fit together. Or something like that, right?

Though our fave duo @TwoBadBodies has since retired from posting, we still love seeing BFFs and sisters get fit together on our Instagram feed. After all, there are so many benefits to having a gym buddy: you reduce your risk of injury, push yourself harder, and you're that much more likely to actually go every day. Not to mention, you can try cool tricks, come up with innovative new moves, and you always have someone there to catch it on camera.

These accounts are some of our favorites, and we're giving you the go-ahead to stalk for hours. So scroll through these fit stars' feeds, grab a friend, and hit the gym to make your own fit friend magic.

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Why Your Muscles Feel Less Sore the More You Hit the Gym

If you've ever took some time away from the gym only to be slammed with muscle soreness after your big comeback, you're not alone. Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for years (they call it the "repeated bout effect"), but they haven't been able to explain exactly why your muscles become less sore the more you work out.