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Yogurt Vanilla Bean Waffles

Calling a stack of these Yogurt Vanilla Bean Waffles the "best" waffles might sound like a pretty bold statement, but the recipe has two secret ingredients that make them worthy of the title: Yogurt gives them a delightfully tangy flavor while seltzer makes sure they're airy but still crisp.

Photo: A Spicy Perspective

Sparkling Espresso

Try a new twist on your usual caffeine fix. Sparkling Espresso is a light and summery take on the bold drink—it juuust might replace your daily iced latte. (Wondering what all the java really affects you? This is Your Brain On Coffee.)

Photo: Fuss Free Cooking

Matzo Ball Soup

Still trying to crack the secret to Grandma's perfect soup? Just a few tablespoons of seltzer make this Matzo Ball Soup the perfect amount of light and fluffy while still being savory.

Photo: Smitten Kitchen

Two-Ingredient Crepes

All you need to make these Two-Ingredient Crepes are flour and seltzer. Top them with fruit and sugar, or fill them with savory ingredients—any way you fold them, they taste great.

Photo: Diethood