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Chicago, IL

This super walkable city comes with some cold temps and wind, but a surprising amount of sunshine. And when in Chi-town, no need to run circles around the Bean; the Lakefront Path, Des Plaines River Trail, Washington Park, and Palos Trail System all provide gorgeous views of the midwestern waterfront, urban life, and greenery.

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Arlington, VA

Arlington, Virginia, is just a hop outside of Washington, DC—meaning it has all those park perks and mild temps of our country's capital, minus a few tourists.

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Seattle, WA

Seattle scored the lowest for sunny days and has a relatively cool temp, but also has lots of parks and a high walkability rating to save it. That, and all those coffee shops to give you a great buzz for your run. (Seriously, coffee can help your fitness goals.)

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Miami, FL

Loathe winter? Love running in sand? Head to Miami—the city with the highest average daily temperature and the third highest number of sunny days of all 20 cities. (ICYMI here's what running in heat does to your body.)

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Washington, DC

Washington, DC—home of the famous Marine Corps Marathon—has a whopping 12.5 parks per square mile, making it the perfect city for runners who like a little green (and occasionally some pink cherry blossoms) in their cityscape.

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