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Peanut Butter Jelly Pin Set

Ditch the age-old BFF bracelets for these PB + J pin upgrades. Attach one to a lapel or the back of your denim jacket for serious accessory goals. ($20;

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How Olympic Gold-Medalist Gwen Jorgensen Went from Accountant to World Champion

Becoming the first American—man or woman—to win an Olympic triathlon since the sport joined the Summer Games 16 years ago was no fluke for Gwen Jorgensen. After having an unprecedented 12-race winning streak that spanned from 2014 to this April and earning two world championship titles along the way, the 30-year-old Wisconsin-bred brunette seemed poised to wear the Olympic crown.

Which Is *Actually* the Healthiest and Cheapest Meal Delivery Service?

Remember when you heard of the first meal-delivery service and thought, "hey, that's a cool idea!" Well, that was 2012—when the trend first started—and now, just four short years later, there are over 100 meal delivery services in the U.S. and a $400 million market that's projected to increase tenfold in the next five years, according to a special report by Consumer Reports.