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Pack a Body-Friendly Bag

A suitcase with four spinner wheels and a straight, uncontoured handle is one of the smartest travel purchases you can make, says Alan Hedge, Ph.D., a professor of human factors and ergonomics at Cornell University. The wheels rotate 360 degrees, so you can push the bag through terminals instead of pulling it, preventing shoulder and back strain. And with noncontoured handles, you can use a lighter grip to maneuver the suitcase, so you don't end up with wrist and arm pain, Hedge says.

Our top pick: Raden A22 Carry ($295). In addition to these features, it also comes equipped with convenient USB ports to charge your phone and a scale built into the carry handle for easy weighing.

Photo: Raden

How to Relax on Vacation

The secret to a truly restorative vacation starts with the journey. Here's just what you need every step of the getaway. (First step is booking time off with zero guilt: How Taking Vacation Actually Improves Your Health.)

Photo: Lauren Bullen/@gypsea_lust

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