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Wireless Headphones

"I feel like I'm always carrying a million things around, and when regular headphones are involved, it usually means they're getting tangled up in those millions of things. I switched to wireless ones by Beats by Dre ($199.95, and suddenly my gym experience became a little bit easier."

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S'well Bottle

"Now this is for some high quality H20! I'm kinda obsessed with S'well bottles ($42;, not just because of their sleek design, but because they keep my drinks hot or cold for twelve hours."

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Polar a360

"Heart rate, calories, steps taken. These are all things that I can track with my Polar a360 ($199.95;! With its wrist-based heart rate tracking, it's one of the most accurate activity trackers on the market."

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Meet Jera, AKA @workoutbean

After working as a graphic designer for several years, Jera Foster-Fell discovered her passion for fitness, health, and motivating others to be the best versions of themselves. Recently certified as a personal trainer and soon to be a Soul Cycle instructor, @workoutbean is ready to empower others through movement, sweat, and positive energy. Check out her favorite picks for powering through a spin class, downward-dogging in yoga, or pushing through one more rep in the weight room

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For Real Though—Does Anal Sex Hurt?

Does thinking about anal sex make you unconciously clench your butt cheeks tighter than at the top of a squat? Does it conjure up images of trying to fit a banana into a beer bottle or urban legends of girls who tried it once and could never poop again?

Stop. Forget all of it.