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She Makes Time for Her Besties

Clearly, Kristin understands that in between running her jewelry business and being a wife and mom, a girls' night out every now and then is crucial to staying sane.

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Photo: Instagram

...And She Plays Hard

Clearly, the mom of three knows to take time for herself (and show off her hard-earned body).

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She Works Hard...

Kristin wrote a New York Times bestselling book, Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work. And here she is, summing all of that up in one photo.

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She Lifts Heavy

K Cav (yes, we're on a nickname basis) makes the most of her time at the gym with 2-in-1 strength and cardio moves like this sled pull.

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Multitasking Like a Pro

The ideal way to pump? On vacation in a bikini. The Instagram commenters agree, this is pretty much mom/bod/bikini/vacation goals.

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