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Gold's Gym Cycle Trainer 400 Ri Exercise Bike

Need a "House Hunters International" marathon to take your mind off of the burn? No judgment here. This Gold's Gym exercise bike ($299, has a Bluetooth hookup so you can stream whatever it takes to get you through the workout. You can also lean on the bike's eight-week workout program designed by real trainers for that extra push.

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Photo: Walmart

Soozier Upright Stationary Exercise Cycling Bike

If you've never met a yellow bike we didn't like (shout out to SoulCycle), then you'll love this find. Bring that cheerful vibe home with you with this option from Soozier ($170, It comes with an LCD display so you can track your distance, speed, time, and calories burned.

Photo: Aosom

Marcy Deluxe Air Fan Bike

Two big benefits of this Marcy air-fan bike ($400, It'll automatically add resistance as you pedal faster. The fan will speed up at the same time to keep you cool. Sweaty problems, solved.

Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods

IRONMAN H-Class 210 Indoor Upright Exercise Bike

Training for a tri? This IRONMAN bike ($299, sets you up to tackle even Ironman-level rides (112 miles? Psh, NBD.) The bike comes loaded with 21 workout programs, which should slash any chance of on-bike boredom.

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Spinner Aero Bike

If you're a spin class fanatic, chances are you've ridden on a Spinner Aero Bike ($1,000, before. Set one up in your own home or apartment and forget about fighting other riders for dibs on the first post-workout shower. (Bonus: Taking the workout home lets you avoid The 10 People You Love to Hate In Spin Class.)

Photo: Dick's Sporting Goods