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Big, Healthy Salads

Salads deserve to be more than just a grab-and-go workday lunch. With the right ingredients and protein-carbs-fats ratio, a bed of greens can turn into a delicious, healthy, and satisfying entree. Allot some of the chopped veggies from meal prep to create these recipes for #SaladSunday (or #SaladMonday, #SaladTuesday—you get the idea) and you'll get a healthy head start on the week. (Another way to instantly turn a salad into a meal is to add grains. These Grain-Based Salads That Seriously Satisfy will get you started.)

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U.S. Soccer Player Christen Press Gets Real About Having the "Perfect Body" In the ESPN Body Issue

Many of us have a hard enough time stripping down to a swim suit in the summer or going 100 percent bare with someone new in the bedroom—but the athletes of the ESPN the Magazine Body Issue continue to go bare for all of the world to see. These world-class athletes are in incredible shape, and can do downright inspiring things with their bodies, but that doesn't mean they're immune to body image issues.

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Follow These Meditation-Savvy Instagrammers for Insta-Zen


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The team behind @unplugmeditation runs a drop-in meditation studio in LA. Fortunately, thanks to their Insta, you don't have to be a Cali girl to reap the benefits. Follow this account for peaceful images and motivating mantras.

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Meditation teacher and sound therapy practitioner @saraauster posts a new #soundbath every Monday. The gentle noise is so soothing—try listening right before bed and it just might lull you to sleep.

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With the goal of uniting the community of meditators worldwide, @Globalmeditation features gorgeous spiritual illustrations and photos. The group aims to promote peace.

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Renowned Buddhist scholar and teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, known on Instagram as @rebel_buddha, shares sayings that can help you process negative emotions and feel more empowered along the way.

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Transcendental meditation taps into the stillness and calmness that's already within your mind. Follow @transcendentalmeditation, run by a non-profit educational organization, for rich colorful still-life photos, inspiring messages, and occasional celeb endorsements from fans of the practice, like actor Ben Foster.

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A meditation teacher and best-selling author, @sharonsalzberg shares original nuggets of wisdom from an expert's point of view. Plus, if you follow along, you'll see photos and videos from her classes and retreats, which she often gives in tandem with other pros.

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The Instagram account for this NYC-based meditation studio, @mndflmeditation, gives you a glimpse into their serene setting and traveling classes while also offering inspiring messages from meditation teachers. While you're at it, follow co-founders @lodrorinzler and @ellieburrows.

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Jen Johnson is both a mindfulness teacher and a photographer. The vivid snapshots captured on her account, @meditatecreate, will inspire you to find beauty and meaning in everyday happenings.

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Founder of, a digital magazine dedicated to mindful living, @waylonlewis shares reflective quotes and photos from meditation retreats and travel. Plus, you'll enjoy following his adventures in Boulder, Colorado with his adorable dog #redfordlewis. (Inspired? Try one of these Once-In-a-Lifetime Fitness Retreats for Women.)

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Check out @quietmindmeditation for beautiful nature shots and inspiring sayings. Sarah Fletcher has been practicing meditation for more than two decades and teaches classes in Australia, so she really knows her stuff. (BTW, check out these 17 Powerful Benefits of Meditation.)

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