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marathon training

10 Lessons I Learned from Running 10 Marathons

Marathons can teach you a lot—about running and about life.

Why Half Marathons Are the Best Distance Ever

They're doable, you'll feel accomplished, and you don't have to give up your entire social life to train.

Why an Olympic Triathlete Is Nervous About Her First Marathon

Gwen Jorgensen is an Olympic gold medalist and one of the fastest women in the world's triathlete circuit, but even the best athletes have their doubts about how a race day will end.

What Training for a Long Race Really Does to Your Legs

From hips all the way down to your ankles, training for a long race can cause serious wear and tear on your legs

How a Fitness Retreat Helped Me Get Out of My Wellness Rut

Marathon training can feel monotonous, but Hawaii can change that.

Running Superstar Shalane Flanagan's Tips for Going the Distance

The three-time Olympian and American's shares her marathon secrets.

This Woman Is Running a Marathon on Every Continent

The reason why will give you all the feels.

Alicia Keys Shares Her Totally Unexpected Marathon-Training Playlist

You won't believe what the singer listens to during her New York City Marathon training runs.

Chicago Marathon to Do Away with Pace Setters for Elite Runners

The Chicago Marathon just nixed their "rabbits." Find out why.

The Lowdown on the Train Low/Race High Diet Plan

Switching from a low-carb diet to carb-loading right before a race may help you lose weight and run faster.

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Running

@AliOnTheRun1 gets candid about her favorite lessons she's learned throughout her years of running.

Christy Turlington Burns Teams Up with Apple Watch

The model and avid runner shows how the hotly anticipated Apple Watch can be used to train for—and run—a marathon.

Cold Weather Running Tips from Elite Marathoners

Elite runners and pro coaches share their top strategies for training through winter's toughest conditions.

Marathon Training for Your Brain

Running 26.2 miles is only half the battle. These seven tips will help ensure you mind is marathon-ready too.

The Best Foods to Fuel Your Marathon Training

Which is better for endurance exercise: real food, gels and goo, or something in between?

Could Marathon Training Make You Sick?

Exercise is good for the immune system, right? Well, new research says certain training could leave you feeling under the weather.

9 Smart Running Tips from Shalane Flanagan

Steal these mental tricks from Shalane Flanagan to stay on track with your training during colder months.

5 Tips to Run Negative Splits For Positive Results

Train your body to start slow so you can finish faster (and happier!).

10 Marathon Training Songs to Set Your Pace

Take the guesswork out of training with this uptempo playlist that makes it easy to track your pace.

5 Ways to Improve Your Track Workout

That big red oval isn't just for high school hurdlers—it's also the perfect place to prepare for a PR at any race.

Run Faster, Longer, Stronger, and Injury-Free

This infographic of the best running form cues will help you move more fluidly and efficiently whether you’re a casual runner or marathon addict.

Are Some Body Types Not Built to Run?

If you pass up races due to knee pain or because you don’t “look” like a runner, chances are you’re missing out—and just training improperly.