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Confessions of a Massage Therapist

"We might as well be digging ditches with the amount of effort, force, and physical exertion that we put into our work."

Undo The Damage of Sitting All Day

Combat tightness, correct your posture, improve mobility, and ward off chronic pain.

The New Wave of Foam Rollers

These self-massage tools are everything you love about foam rollers, and nothing you don’t.

Your Speedy Workout Recovery Schedule

Follow this pre-, during-, and post-exercise plan, and you’ll be back at your peak to kill it in your next session faster.

The Best Yoga Poses for Self-Massage

Breathe deeply in these poses to give your body a relaxing massage—without leaving your house or paying a single cent!

The Best Tool for a Deeper Self-Massage

Foam rollers are great, but try this cheap alternative for harder-to-reach and super-stressed muscles.

8 Foam Roller Exercises for Flat Abs and Lean Legs

Grab a foam roller and try this new combo plan to ease up while you tone up.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Your Skin

From the right way to wash your face to the important product you're not using.

Post-Workout Pick-Me-Up

By the end of my long ski weekend, I was super sore, and even a soak in the hot tub didn’t help.

6 Steps to Transform Your Body

These six tips transformed Mona Muresan from scrawny to six-pack.

Flying Solo: Day 13, A Day of Rest and Relaxation

Renee's trip to Spain is coming to a close! On her second-to-last day in Barcelona, she takes the time to just rest and relax.

The Best Spas: Spa Locations

No matter which spa treatment you want to get, get out SHAPE's favorite spa locations.

Pamper Yourself

Relax, take a deep breath and try these quick pampering ideas.

Best Summer Spa Treatments

Check out this wide range of sea-based treatments spas nationwide are offering.

Pampered Soles

Show your feet some much-needed attention: Scrub, soften and safeguard them. Here's how!

The Gift of a Stress-Free Season

Relax, take a deep breath and try these quick pampering ideas. You've earned it!

Give Yourself a Soothing 5-Minute Massage

We asked Amanda Clabaugh, treatment manager at the Lodge at Woodloch, a destination spa in Hawley, Pennsylvania, to share the techniques therapists use on their own achy spots.

Find Sanctuary

Forty-five minutes south of Charleston International Airport, The Sanctuary resort (from $275; 877-683-1234, at Kiawah Island is located on a secluded subtropical barrier isle that b

Cruise For Workaholics

If you've been feeling like something's missing in your life lately, or you think you might want to make a lifestyle change, this may be the cruise for you.

Cruise For Health-Food Lovers

Sure, you'll have access to 50-plus workshops about vegan and macrobiotic cooking, shiatsu massage, meditation and preventing cancer and heart disease on this seven-day getaway, but many guests sign up solely for the cuisine.

Cruise For Holistic-Health Fans

From treating back pain to perfecting your golf swing, this 10-day cruise includes a smorgasbord of wellness lectures and workout demonstrations in a luxe environment.