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mental health

Experts Say You Should Be Screened for Depression Annually

Screenings for depression should be a regular part of your run-of-the-mill checkup.

Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

Optimism experts reveal the truth behind the glass-half-full mindset.

A New Drug Could Revolutionize The Way We Treat Depression

A new breakthrough could mean a speedier treatment.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*&!

No, you won't feel lazy or fat—you'll feel liberated.

Are Women at an Increased Risk for Concussions?

Study up before getting your head in the game.

5 Proven Health Benefits of Gratitude

You don't have to save giving thanks for Thursday.

Don't Let the Scale Wreck Your Self-Esteem! 4 Rules for Weighing Yourself

Learn to have a healthy relationship with your scale—finally!

Could Leg Workouts Be the Key to Brain Health?

Your lower-body workout could have perks beyond strengthening your gams.

Why Girls' Night Out Is Great for Your Health

Move ya body, help your health, says new study.

Adults Over 30 Are Less Happy Than Ever Before

But these 9 proven mood boosters can help.

The Best Social Media App for Your Happiness

You use Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram daily, but which is best for your mental health?

Study Finds Body Shaming Leads to Higher Mortality Risk

Weight discrimination is not only unhelpful—a new study finds it can lead to higher mortality risk.

How to Find a Therapist to Deal with Your Issues

Anxious? Depressed? Here's your step-by-step guide to finding the help you need.

Women Are Tweeting Antidepressant Selfies to Fight Mental Health Stigma

New #medicatedandmighty social media campaign combats stereotypes of mental illness

Peeple: A New App That Will Let You Rate Everyone You Know

Billed as "Yelp for people", the app will allow you to review all your friends

What Helping Suicidal Strangers Is Really Like

Could you handle talking to someone in a life-or-death crisis?

How Bad and Good Carbs Affect Your Brain

See why some carbs boost brain health while others cause mental anguish.

Fat Shaming Could Be Destroying Your Body

Two new studies reveal how having a negative body image can lead to major health risks.

Food for Thought: Is Your Meal Planning Out of Control?

If figuring out your next meal has you feeling freaked out, you may need to learn where to draw the line.

Climate Change Is Now Considered a Medical Emergency

It's not just about the environment—climate change is already seriously impacting your health, says a new report.

Does Being a Cat Lady Really Make You Crazy?

Cat's out of the bag—science says it may be true!

How a Cynical Attitude Hurts Your Health and Wealth

Cynics make less money and have higher risk of many diseases, according to new research. Luckily, there's a way to make that glass half full.

6 Types of Therapy that Go Beyond a Couch Session

From yoga to an outdoor adventure, skip the couch session for one of these innovative therapy alternatives.

The Brain Science of Biking

Turns out, cycling strengthens more than just your calves! Learn how saddling up can boosts your brainpower.