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mental health

Drink Up, Because Smelling Wine Can Stave Off Alzheimer's and Dementia

Apparently, the scent can strengthen areas of the brain connected to memory.

Using These Instagram Filters Might Be a Sign of Depression

New study finds an association between your Instagram habits and mental health

How Racism Affects Your Mental Health

The issue is more than just a societal ill

How Spinning Makes You Tougher

Pushing to your limits will build much more than endurance.

Demi Lovato's Powerful Mental Health Speech: "We Can Do Better"

"I stand here today as proof that you can live a normal and empowered life with mental illness."

5 Things the New Mental Health Bill Could Mean for Your Health

Here's how the newly passed House bill is trying to fix our country's 'broken mental health care system'

Add This to Your Smoothie to Boost Your Brain Power

Add this to your breakfast routine ASAP

Sunday Scaries Are Totally Real

The hours before Monday morning don't need to be filled with random anxiety and jitters

What Getting Fired Taught Me About Mental Health

"Mental health is so much more than the mere absence of mental illness."

One Woman Is Sharing the Most Hilarious (and Accurate) Fake "Anxiety" Mags on Twitter

These headlines are the most relateable thing you've seen all day.

Kristen Bell Tells Us What It's Really Like to Live with Depression and Anxiety

Kristen knows what's up—and she's worth listening to.

Try This Easy Trick to Stop a Panic Attack Before It Starts

There's nothing scarier than a panic attack, but there is something you can do (right now!) to stop them.

Yeast Infections Linked to Mental Health Issues In a New Study

More reason to take your *down there* issues seriously.

Kate Middleton Has An Important Message for You

The Duchess of Cambridge is speaking out about mental health in a new PSA.

This Woman Bravely Shows What a Panic Attack Really Looks Like

She's going #nofilter on Facebook to take a stand against the mental illness stigma.

Try This 7-Day Digital Detox to Spring Clean Your Tech Life

Don't worry, it doesn't involve ditching your phone for a whole week.

This Chrome Extension Could Put a Stop to Internet Haters

It's like spellcheck for trolls #internetwin

Siri Can Help You Bury a Body—But Can't Help You In a Health Crisis

The scary capability our digital BFFs are lacking.

Here's Another Reason to Take the Stairs Today

Give your butt AND your brain a boost.

What It's Like to Be a Foodie with An Eating Disorder

"Iit felt like that little voice in my head, the one that told me that food was the enemy, had found a megaphone."