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mental health

Can a Clean Desk Really Boost Your Productivity at Work?

Today is National Clean Desk Day. So stop procrastinating, you little hoarder.

How to Prevent and Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Health experts share their tips for how to deal when all you want to do is sleep and eat carbs.

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You might want to think twice before checking that Instagram notification.

Mel C Says Being a Spice Girl Led to Her Eating Disorder

The "Sporty Spice" says her damaged self-image came from constant public attention.

Did You Know There Are 4 Different Types of Depression?

There are actually four different types of depression.

This is What's Helping Lady Gaga Cope With Mental Illness

“I am continuing to learn how to transcend this because I know I can.”

If You Feel Bad About Taking Sick Days, Lena Dunham Says You Need to Stop

The actress was shamed for canceling a book signing when she was feeling "under the weather."

I Stopped Multi-Tasking for an Entire Week and Actually Got Stuff Done

Could you focus one just ONE. SINGLE. task at a time?

Selena Gomez Returns To Public Eye With Emotional AMAs Speech

"If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken."

7 Ways to Keep Yourself From Binge Thinking

Free your mind and stop stressing

5 Ways to Deal When You Secretly Hate the Holidays

The best way to cope with your Scrooge-y feelings? Stop pretending they don't exist.

How to Navigate Political #RealTalk During the Holidays

Because turkey should not be served with a side of nuclear family implosion.

How to Cope with Election Anxiety All Day Long

From the time you wake up til the time the next President of the U.S. is announced.

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Coping with Fear and Anxiety

And what she's experiencing is more common than you'd think.

Science Says It Really Is Possible to Worry Yourself Sick

But before you freak out, take two deep breaths and read this.

Can Facebook Help You Live Longer?

But, no, just scrolling doesn't count

How to Overcome Social Anxiety (Without Alcohol)

Feel more confident in your skin no matter the social setting.

Not 'Liking' Photos On Instagram Could Be Making You Depressed

How being a lurker online can hurt your mental health in real life.