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mental tricks

Sunday Scaries Are Totally Real

The hours before Monday morning don't need to be filled with random anxiety and jitters

Try This Easy Trick to Stop a Panic Attack Before It Starts

There's nothing scarier than a panic attack, but there is something you can do (right now!) to stop them.

Endurance Exercise Makes You Smarter!

Do this type of workout before your next important meeting

How to Keep Yourself from Getting Hurt In Group Workout Classes

When everyone's going HAM, you need to know when to push yourself and when to slow down.

Cutting Yourself Some Slack Can Lower Your Risk of Running Injuries

Cutting yourself some slack could prevent injury.

The Winning Psychology Behind Serena Williams' Upset

The Psychology Behind Robera Vinci's Win

Too Much Multitasking May Ruin Your Speed and Endurance

The downsides to mid-sweat session distractions—and the easy fixes!

Cue Workout Motivation With a Simple Trick

Do this for an extra kick in getting your butt out the door and to the gym.

50 Fun Things to Do to Fight Food Cravings

Don't let food cravings get the best of you! Avoid temptation by indulging in creative, fun activities that will make you forget about those cookies for a while.

Multitasking Can Make You Quicker on a Stationary Bike

It could make you faster, new research finds!

Is Your Post-Exercise Attitude Ruining Your Diet?

If you're not careful, fitness could hinder weight loss efforts!

Therapist-Approved Tricks for Perpetual Positivity

You don't have to take a seat on the couch (or shell out a co-pay) to take advantage of these expert tips.

The Best Ways to Pump Up Your Mental Muscles

In honor of Brain Health Awareness week, check out these science-backed steps to improve your mind.

Science Is Trying to Decode the Runner’s High

That “in the zone” state of mind is human performance at it’s best, and scientists want to map this Flow state and help you maximize your potential.

Fitness Mind Games to Boost Your Workout

Use these simple tricks to make exercise more fun—and increase your performance.

4 Times Your Intuition Is Lying to You

Trusting your intuition is usually a good thing, but in these 4 scenarios your gut instinct may cause more harm than help.

Marathon Training for Your Brain

Running 26.2 miles is only half the battle. These seven tips will help ensure you mind is marathon-ready too.

The Mental Trick to Make Exercise More Comfortable

Push yourself to the limits—but make it bearable with this easy change in perspective.

7 Essential Oils with Serious Health Benefits

Rose, cinnamon, and more essential oils that can boost mood, improve focus, ease pain, and then some.

5 Tricks to Improve Memory Immediately

Need a burst of brain power? Try these 5 techniques to remember facts on the fly.

How Letting Go of a Grudge Can Improve Your Workout

Science says forgiving your foes can make you a better person—in the gym, at least.

10 Easy Ways to Get Smarter—Stat

Quick tips to up firm up your memory, bolster your IQ, and sharpen your brain.

The One Mental Shift That Makes Healthy Eating Easier

Don't waste your willpower resisting holiday cookies! Shift your mindset with this one tip that will actually make you want more nutritious options.

Yoga Poses to Improve Your Attention Span

Amp up your energy and concentration with these key yoga poses and breathing techniques.