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Why You Need to Be Washing Your Yoga Pants After EVERY Workout

Activewear technology is a beautiful thing. Sweat-wicking fabrics keep us feeling fresher than ever, so we don't have to sit in our own sweat; moisture is drawn out to the surface of the fabric, where it can evaporate, leaving us feeling cool and dry sometimes mere minutes after a sweaty hot yoga or cycling session. But the operative word here is moisture, not bacteria. You might feel dry, but it doesn't mean you're clean. Even if the fabric in your pants or activewear is antimicrobial, you need to make sure you're washing your clothes after every single workout.

Asking for a Friend: Why Am I Pooping Blood?

There are few things in life more unsettling than sneaking a peek at your TP after you wipe and seeing blood staring back at you. It's easy to go into full-on freakout mode if you're pooping blood, but let's start with deep breaths first. "Bleeding with bowel movements is never normal, but it doesn't mean something scary is going on," says Jean Ashburn, M.D., a colorectal surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic. "The most common reasons are inflamed hemorrhoids and something called an anal fissure, which is like a paper cut that happens in the anal canal."