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Pulling Just One All-Nighter Might Have Some Serious Health Consequences

What do new moms, college students, paramedics, and ER docs all have in common (besides having to deal with puke on a regular basis)? They all routinely need to make it through the day on no or very little sleep. And while no one thinks pulling an all-nighter is good for your health, there's actual evidence that it hurts your heart.

Lais Oliveira

In case you needed proof that VS Pink's cotton hipster undies are still very much in.

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Save for the stilettos, stuffed animal dogs, and pink furry bomber, this look—featuring color-blocked strappy leggings and matching sports bra—is one we'd totally rock to yoga.

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Luma Grothe

We're getting major cool-girl vibes from this cropped sweatshirt, boy short, and beanie combo.

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