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Why Trainers and Elite Athletes Are All About the #RestDayBrags

We do a lot of things for the Insta. We show off our latest workout with a sweaty selfie. We humblebrag our newest race day bling. We pride ourselves in #NoDaysOff and celebrate other badasses who grin and bear the pain and gut their way through a workout or race.

What we don't do? Boast about our epic rest days. Until now, that is.

Earlier this year, Amelia Boone, an ultrarunner and World's Toughest Mudder Champion, tweeted to her 18,000+ followers, "People don't brag about rest days like they do their 'epic' runs, but they should."

Instagram Is the Worst Social Media Platform for Your Mental Health

fb-instagram-mental-health-study.jpgA fit-fluencer's six-pack. Double tap. Scroll. A happy vacay beach selfie. Double tap. Scroll. A fab-looking birthday party with everyone dressed to the nines. Double tap. Scroll.

Your current status? Old bathrobe, feet up on the couch, no makeup, yesterday's hair—and no filter is going to make it look otherwise.