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Lavender Oil

On top of the stress-relieving benefits that come from taking a whiff of this essential oil, lavender can also do wonders for your skin. It’s widely known for its antimicrobial properties and for helping speed the healing of burns, cuts, scrapes, and wounds, Chwalek explains. This oil also increases collagen production, making it a great anti-aging regiment for wrinkles, she says.

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Coconut Oil

While not all oils are necessarily hydrating, coconut oil is known to be the best hydrator and skin softener of the group, Gohara says. It actually helps improve skin water loss, which means it’s a great solution for those dealing with dry skin, or even eczema and psoriasis, Chwalek says. And, thanks to a fatty acid called lauric acid, it also has an antimicrobial effect, helping reduce the risk of any skin infection or irritation, she says. (Bonus: Unlike the essential oils, coconut oil can be applied to your skin directly without needing to mix with another oil first.) 

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Grapeseed Oil

Derived from grape seeds, this oil can be used all over for super-soft skin sans the greasiness, Gohara says. On your face, it can help fight acne (hello, anti-inflammatory properties!) and it can also keep your skin looking youthful. “Grapeseed oil is a really great antioxidant that helps slow down aging and build up collagen production,” she says. Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles!

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Chamomile Oil

Consider chamomile your calming oil. “This essential oil is very gentle, so it’s great to soothe skin if you’re dealing with minor skin irritation or a sunburn,” Chwalek says. It can also hydrate, moisturize, and calm inflamed or uneven skin tones, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

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Rose Oil

Want hydration? Rose essential oil should be your go-to — it helps your skin to retain water, Chwalek says. This makes it a great essential oil to add to any DIY lotions, especially if you’re dealing with dry or chapped skin. Even better: When applied to the face, rose oil can improve skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles, she says. It’s one of the best oils for youthful skin.

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