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Red, White, and Blue Activewear for a Fit Fourth of July

Under Armour Red White Blue Tank

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With its anti-odor and sweat-wicking technology, this top is perfect for any sweaty pursuit, but it's still just as comfy as your favorite cotton tank. ($25;

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Photo: Under Armour

K-Deer Susanne Legging

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Lightweight, seamless, and moisture-wicking, these high-waisted leggings are made to fit like a second skin, and are perfect for yoga, running, barre, or spin. (Bonus: They boast UPF 50+ to protect you during your outdoor summer workouts like hiking, paddleboarding, and SUP!) ($98;

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Photo: K-Deer

American Apparel US Flag Canvas School Bag

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This backpack makes for one seriously star-spangled trip the gym on July 4th. ($56;

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Photo: American Apparel

Tory Sport Color-Block Track Shirt

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It might be designed for working out, but this track shirt is sophisticated enough to wear anywhere your weekend takes you. Plus, it's wrinkle-resistant so it's perfect for packing in your suitcase for a Fourth of July getaway. ($85;

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Photo: Tory Sport

Fabletics Patchwork Pride Bra

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This midi-length bra promises to wick away sweat and keep you supported with removable cups, and best of all, it can double as a crop top with high-waisted shorts for your July 4th barbeque. ($35;

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Photo: Fabletics

Terez Tie Dye USA Performance Capris

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Lightweight, comfy performance leggings meet a vibrant, patriotic print. There's even a muscle tank to match! ($75;

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New Balance 811 Trainer

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These lightweight cross-training sneakers are both sleek and cushion-y, so you'll want to wear them long after your gym sesh is over. ($65;

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Lululemon Run Times Short

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Paired with a red top, these sweat-wicking shorts are perfect for that Fourth of July run or training session, yet subtle enough to be worn year-round. ($54;

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Photo: Lululemon

Teva 4th of July Original Universal Sandal

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Slide these special-edition American flag themed sandals on post-workout and you're ready for any Fourth of July celebration. ($50;

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Photo: Teva 

Lorna Jane Candy Stripe Excel Tank

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You'll want to wear this high-performance, breathable tank with zipper detailing even when you aren't working out. ($67;

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Photo: Lorna Jane

Lauren Moshi High Neck Tank

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This super-soft tank adds an element of rock 'n' roll to your athleisure look. ($79;

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Photo: Lauren Moshi 

Under Armour StudioLux Low Fresh Sneaker

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These sneakers are lightweight, flexible, and breathable, so they're ideal for going from the studio to the street. ($80;

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Photo: Under Armour

Nike Victory Power Back Swimsuit

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A racerback suit that's durable and supportive for laps and cute enough for lounging poolside ($57; (Check out this fun swim workout for a full-body burn!)

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Merica Made Tank

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Why not let your workout clothes do the talking for you? This tank says it all. $20;

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Photo: Merica Made

Fabletics Patchwork Pride Short

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These lightweight shorts are fit for the Fourth, and functional to boot, with front zipper pockets to store your essentials. ($45;


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Photo: Fabletics

High Sierrra Clybourn Tote

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This tie-dye tote is stylish enough to take you from the gym to your July 4th picnic with ease. Best of all, you'll stay organized with pockets for your water bottle, phone, tablet, and more. (Bonus: The inside boasts a red white and blue stars and stripes lining for an extra touch of spirit!) ($75;

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Photo: High Sierra

Athleta Zoom Be Free Short

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Perfect for running, spinning, or pretty much any other time you don't want to wear a full-length legging this summer, these performance shorts with a breathable crotch will add some patriotic flair to your workout ensemble while keeping you nice and cool.  ($54;

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Photo: Athleta

Diadora N-92 Sneaker

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This comfy faux-leather and mesh sneaker will add some sporty flair to your Independence Day ensemble. ($85;

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Healthy Smoothie Popsicle Recipes That Taste Just Like Summer

Turn your go-to morning smoothie into a portable treat that's great post-workout, for a backyard barbecue, or, of course, for dessert. Whether you're craving something chocolatey (Chocolate Avocado "Fudgsicle" Smoothie Popsicles), tart and fruity (Honeydew Kiwi Smoothie Popsicles), or something out-of-the-box amazing (Blueberry Rooibos Tea Smoothie Popsicles) there's a recipe here for you. (Check out the full slideshow of smoothie popsicle recipes on FITNESS.) 

6 Secrets Hidden In Your Food Journal

How Food Journals Can Help

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You know that keeping a food diary can help with weight loss. In fact, you could potentially lose twice as much weight. (Here's How to Make Food Journaling Work for You.) The patterns that an eating diary can reveal may tell you so much more about your health, habits, and even your workouts. The trick is keeping a thorough log. "Food is just one tiny piece of the puzzle," says dietician Torey Armul, R.D.N., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. "The key to keeping a good record is to add other information." That means your appetite levels, emotions, how you're feeling physically, energy levels, and more.

Photo: BreatheFitness/Getty Images

What's Causing Your Digestion Issues

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If you keep a log of your symptoms (bloating, cramping) along with your food journal, it'll be easier to see associations between what you eat and how you feel, as well as any possible food allergies, says Priya Lawrence, M.S., R.D.N., co-founder of Tried and True Nutrition. "If someone comes to me with IBS concerns or constipation, I immediately look for food allergies," she says. Keeping notes can help you make more precise connections because you'll know not just what symptoms you had, but when. And if you do any sort of elimination diet, it's crucial to keep a good food and symptom diary.

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How to Boost Your Workouts

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Armul has her clients log very specific notes about their workouts, including the intensity, the duration, what they ate before and after, and how they felt before, during, and after their sweat sessions. "If you find that you're consistently feeling pooped halfway through your workouts, you can tweak your afternoon snacks to help boost your energy," she says. It's especially important to log nutrition while you're training for an event, she adds, so you'll know the best fuel for your body on race day.

Photo: Paper Boat Creative/Getty Images

Why You've Been Feeling Lightheaded

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People don't always think to log water in a food journal, but the information is really crucial, says Lawrence. (Are you drinking enough water? Do you have any of the Five Signs of Dehydration? And no, the color of your pee isn't the only factor.) If you see that you're not drinking enough throughout the day, it could help explain symptoms like constipation and dizziness, which are both associated with dehydration.

Photo: Sam Edwards/Getty Images

Your Personal Food-Mood Connection

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Some people turn to food when they're frustrated, says Lawrence, while others feel they "deserve" an indulgence after accomplishing something tough. Writing down your emotions when you log your food keeps emotional eating in the front of your mind, which can help curb binging or mindless munching. Writing can also help replace that emotion-driven indulgence. "If you feel like eating but you've just had a meal, write down your feelings instead," says Lawrence. Did you know that certain foods can actually boost your mood, too?

Photo: Tara Moore/Getty Images

Whether You're Eating the Right Breakfast

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Logging your appetite throughout the day can help you identify what foods fill you up, and which ones leave you hungry again in an hour or two (it's different for everyone), says Armul. "I ask clients to rank their hunger levels," she says. "If they're starving every day by lunchtime, then maybe their breakfast isn't effective." (Perhaps try making one of these 10 Protein-Packed Yogurt Bowls That Will Jump Start Your Morning.)

Photo: Cultura RM Exclusive/Danielle Wood

Why You Overeat During Netflix Marathons

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"I also like the idea of keeping some notes on mindfulness," says Armul, since how mindful you are can affect your food intake. Along with a mindfulness rating, jot down whether you're eating in front of the TV, seated at a table, or standing up in your kitchen, which can help you understand why you ate more than usual or felt less satisfied than you expected.

Photo: Cultura RM Exclusive/Liam Norris