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5 Things You Need to Know About the New Nutrition Facts Label

A nutritionist weighs in on the new and improved design.

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We spoke to an R.D. to get the real deal on this new, "high vibration" health water trend.

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Top experts share their favorite Turkey Day meals—plus the nutritional benefits behind each and every one.

Advice Nutritionists Give—But Don't Follow

You’d expect eating experts to have the healthiest diets, but they’re real people too, as these confessions show.

McDonald's Sponsors Nutrition Convention

And has experts (and us!) wondering: Is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is being taken over by Big Food?

Is Your Diet a Cult?

A new book released today suggests that nutrition programs can brainwash us.

8 “Unhealthy” Foods Nutritionists Eat

Even dietitians will ignore their own advice and chow down on their favorite treats—and with their tips, you can too!

What 8 Nutritionists Really Eat Every Day

Take a peek at 8 dietitians' food diaries to see how the experts strike the balance between Mexican food and kale salad.

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Tips from nutritionist Cynthia Sass on what to eat and drink for a flat stomach.

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Nutritionist Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD explains why some snacks are better than others for pre-workout fuel.

A Day in My Diet: Clean Eating Expert Alison Massey

Our R.D. snapped a pic of everything that passed her lips in 24 hours.

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After a year of working with the pros, these are the four tips that have really help weight loss diarist Yasmin Rammohan drop pounds and keep them off!

Fuel Yourself like an Olympic Athlete

Use nutrition to fuel yourself like an Olympic athlete and optimize your health.