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outdoor workouts

7 Sneaky Ways to Burn Up to 500 Calories This Summer

Work hard and play harder with summer workouts that moonlight as lawn games.

This Badass Woman Just Summited Everest In a Record-Breaking Climb

Melissa Arnot broke TWO records in her history-making climb.

Running Jackets for Unpredictable Weather

Built for when the weather looks nice enough for an outdoor workout, but feels less so.

REI Wants You to Ditch Black Friday for Outdoor Activities

The outdoors giant wants people to hit the trails instead of the shopping aisles.

5 Playful Ways to Escape Your Workout "Routines"

These fun, machine-free ideas will make you more likely to move.

Healthy Travel Guide: The Poconos

The former honeymoon hotspot has evolved into an outdoor adventure mecca.

Healthy Travel Guide: Sun Valley, Idaho

Hike, bike, and explore your way through one of America's best kept secrets.

Speed-Building Hills Sprints That Sculpt All Over

Runners, tackle tough hills—minus the huffing and puffing—with this surefire circuit.

The Fat-Sizzling Stairs Workout

Step It Up (like Channing Tatum is waiting at the top) with a firm-and-burn stairs routine.

Buh-Bye Boring Beach Workouts! Build Serious Strength on the Sand

Take your routine to shore to torch two times the calories and sculpt every inch of your beach bod.

Outdoor Yoga: 7 Ways to Take Your Om Outside

Reboot your yoga routine with a little fresh air.

14 Surfing Tips for First-Timers (as Told Through GIFs)

How to survive your first time out on a surfboard (and handle wipeouts with ease).

Take It to the Streets for a Full-Body Workout

Turn any urban environment into a gym with killer exercises that tone all over.

Top 6 Trail Running Tips for Getting Started

Happy Trails, indeed—as long as you read these rules first!

5 Strength Exercises for Rock Climbing Newbies

Prep the muscles you'll be relying on to scale a wall (or mountain!) with these essential exercises.

Safety Tips Even Experienced Hikers Forget

Whether you're on a hike or trail running, working out in the wilderness requires certain safety precautions.

The Awesome Outdoor Workout You'll Get on an Elliptical Bike

A new study suggests this quirky piece of exercise equipment could have some serious benefits!

Fitness Tips to Conquer High-Altitude Workouts

Elevation can make a workout feel a lot harder. Prep with these tips and you'll be running and biking uphill with ease.

Hit the Sand! 5 Essential Tips for Running on a Beach

Yes, it's harder than on the pavement—but that just means your calves will look even better afterwards.

11 Heat-Related Workout Inflictions to Watch Out For

Working out in the heat brings on a slew of risks—but you can combat them all with this expert advice.

The Beginners’ Guide to Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Exactly what to wear, what board to try, and how else you can look like a pro in your first stand-up paddleboard session.

How Quitting the Gym Changed My Body for the Better

How quitting the gym changed one writer's body for the better.

Healthy Travel Guide: Aspen, Colorado

Colorado's fanciest destination isn't just for snow bunnies! Head to the mountains now for better deals, spectacular views, and outdoor activities galore.