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Why Actually Reaching My Resolution Made Me Less Happy

I lost all the weight (and then some) and I felt worse about myself than I ever had.

The Car Accident That Changed How I Think of January Forever

How losing my sister made me rethink my priorities.

How a Rare Illness Forever Changed My Relationship with Fitness—and My Body

It turns out my scar makes me even more beautiful—inside and out.

I'm a Woman and a Runner: That Doesn't Give You Permission to Harass Me

I'm a woman. And I'm a runner. And that doesn't give you permission to comment on my body.

What People Don't Know About Staying Fit In a Wheelchair

"You need to work twice as hard to get half as far."

The Pull-Up Workout That Nearly Killed Me

One woman shares her scary experience with rhabdomyolysis.

How Roller Derby Helped Me Finally See Myself As An Athlete

Roller blades, intimidating names, and powerful women? Check, check, and check.

How ClassPass Helped Me Recover from an Awful Breakup

The hidden benefits of our beloved fitness class booking service.

I Went from Finishing Last In a Marathon to Running 53 Races a Year

Along the way, Dani Holmes-Kirk lost 80 pounds, shed unhealthy eating habits, and found her passion.

The Surgery That Changed My Body Image Forever

Find out how removing a melon-sized tumor led to one woman's body image revelation.

I Came Back to Ballet as a Grownup—Then Danced The Nutcracker with a Professional Dance Company

Spoiler alert: There were a lot of yoga, pilates, barre3, and, of course, ballet classes.

Even After 10 Years of Running, the First 10 Minutes Still Suck

How a once die-hard hater finally fell in love with running.

Why I'll Never Be in the Front Row at SoulCycle

I used to think being in the back of the pack would suck. Now, I couldn't care less.

Why I Love Running, Even When My Speed is Slow

How one writer learned discovered the benefits to letting go of competition.

My Vegan Diet Hid My Eating Disorder

"Rather than admit I might be spiraling into disordered eating, I hid behind veganism."

I'm Not Proud of Why I Lost Weight

"I was told I could be the hottest girl in Brooklyn—if I lost weight."

Weight Loss Tips from the Ladies of Georgetown Cupcake

The sister-owners of the DC cupcake shop share how they lost a combined 100 pounds in just nine months.

What Helping Suicidal Strangers Is Really Like

Could you handle talking to someone in a life-or-death crisis?

One Woman's Journey from Anorexia to CrossFit

"I'm addicted to the way I feel, and not the way I look."

Are Personalized Wellness Retreats Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

Find out what an all-inclusive, totally-customized experience taught one writer about her health.

Confessions of a Massage Therapist

"We might as well be digging ditches with the amount of effort, force, and physical exertion that we put into our work."

"It's Not Female Viagra": One Woman Shares How Addyi Changed Her Sex Life

The FDA approved Addyi—now, one woman gets real about how the drug changed her sex life.

I'll Never Be Skinny, and That's OK

"It's time to stop constantly agonizing over the number on the scale and the number on the tag in my pants."

Why Sexism and Catcalling Forced Me to Quit the Gym

Catcalling and sexism at the gym? One writer shares why she finally threw in the towel.