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personal stories

My Son Could Die If the New Health Care Bill Is Passed

Trump's proposed health care law could be fatal for my son's "pre-existing condition."

How I Run 100-Mile Races with Type 1 Diabetes

"I’m forced to be stronger because of it."

My Eating Disorder Inspired Me to Become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I stopped fighting my body and found my true calling.

I Became a Professional Dancer After a Car Crash Left Me Paralyzed

"Dance is dance. Whether you're walking or rolling, it doesn't see disability."

The Surprising Way Hypnosis Changed My Approach to Health and Fitness

And no, you don't go to sleep and wake up a new person—it's actually hard work!

8 Brutally Honest Confessions from Massage Therapists

What they *really* think about your shaving habits

How I Made the Transition from Night Owl to Super-Early Morning Person

Why is everyone so obsessed with waking up early?

BDSM Saved My Failing Marriage from Divorce

Our relationship is stronger than ever.

I Gave Up Caffeine and Finally Became a Morning Person

Now I'm one of those people I used to hate/envy. And I love it.

I Committed to 30 Days of Circuit Training and Finally Enjoy Exercise

What used to feel like pure torture is now the only way to make it through my day.

How Having a Daughter Changed My Relationship with Food Forever

I don't want her to struggle with food the same way I do.

Why Actually Reaching My Resolution Made Me Less Happy

I lost all the weight (and then some) and I felt worse about myself than I ever had.

The Car Accident That Changed How I Think of January Forever

How losing my sister made me rethink my priorities.

How a Rare Illness Forever Changed My Relationship with Fitness—and My Body

It turns out my scar makes me even more beautiful—inside and out.

I'm a Woman and a Runner: That Doesn't Give You Permission to Harass Me

I'm a woman. And I'm a runner. And that doesn't give you permission to comment on my body.

What People Don't Know About Staying Fit In a Wheelchair

"You need to work twice as hard to get half as far."

The Pull-Up Workout That Nearly Killed Me

One woman shares her scary experience with rhabdomyolysis.

How Roller Derby Helped Me Finally See Myself As An Athlete

Roller blades, intimidating names, and powerful women? Check, check, and check.

How ClassPass Helped Me Recover from an Awful Breakup

The hidden benefits of our beloved fitness class booking service.

I Went from Finishing Last In a Marathon to Running 53 Races a Year

Along the way, Dani Holmes-Kirk lost 80 pounds, shed unhealthy eating habits, and found her passion.

The Surgery That Changed My Body Image Forever

Find out how removing a melon-sized tumor led to one woman's body image revelation.