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Hayden Panettiere Says Fighting Postpartum Depression Made Her a 'Better Mom'

The "Nashville" star has been very outspoken about her battle, despite feelings of judgment along the way.

Weird Pregnancy Side Effects That Are Actually Normal

The weird (but totally normal) side effects you may experience with your growing occupant.

After The Unexpected Loss of Her Newborn, Mom Donates 17 Gallons of Breast Milk

Refusing to let her son's death be for nothing, the 25-year-old California mother decided to donate her breast milk to babies in need.

RHOC's Meghan King Edmonds Asks Her Fans if She Should Use a Waist Trainer After Giving Birth

She says she's lost 25 pounds in less than a month thanks to breastfeeding.

Olivia Wilde Takes to Instagram to Call Out Unrealistic Post-Baby Bodies

You don't even have to be a new mom to get why she's so annoyed

Why This Fit Mom Shouldn't Attribute Her Post-Baby Body to Her Postpartum Binder

It's likely that diet and exercise is what helped Tammy Hembrow get the results she wanted.

Irina Shayk Makes Her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Debut While Pregnant

The model is expecting her first child with her actor boyfriend Bradley Cooper.

Blac Chyna Looks Super Fit Two Weeks After Giving Birth (Now Here's Why You Shouldn't Care)

The pressure to lose weight after giving birth is just insane.

Chrissy Teigen Dishes the Truth About Post-Baby Bodies

"Nobody should feel like that's normal."

Doctors Warn Kim Kardashian About Dangers of Getting Pregnant with Baby Number Three

Surrogacy might be the only option if she wants to have a third child.

What the Election of Donald Trump Could Mean for the Future of Women's Health

From contraception to maternity leave, here's what you need to know about the potential changes coming your way

Yes. This Amazing Woman Voted For President While in Labor

We hope she at least got an "I voted" sticker.

Fit Mom Chontel Duncan Struggled to Have a Natural Birth Because of Her Abs

In a recent Instagram post, the star opened up about an unexpected downside of being fit.

How Late In Pregnancy Can You *Actually* Have an Abortion?

According to doctors, not political candidates

How Morning Sickness Relates to Miscarriage Risk

It might mean a lower risk of miscarriage.

#MenForChoice Stand Up for Women's Abortion Rights

"I have 6 daughters. Their personal choices are between themselves and their families. I don't judge them. Just love them."

Soccer Star Lauren Holiday Battles Brain Tumor While Pregnant

The diagnosis comes after the 2014 MVP of the Year took time off to start a family with husband Jrue Holiday.

Safe Skin-Care Products for Pregnant Women (Plus the Ones to Avoid)

Do you ~ really ~ need to give up your favorite night cream?

Here Is Exactly What Happened When I Had A Miscarriage

"Late this spring, I was pregnant, and then, just as summer arrived, I was not."