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How Late In Pregnancy Can You *Actually* Have an Abortion?

According to doctors, not political candidates

How Morning Sickness Relates to Miscarriage Risk

It might mean a lower risk of miscarriage.

#MenForChoice Stand Up for Women's Abortion Rights

"I have 6 daughters. Their personal choices are between themselves and their families. I don't judge them. Just love them."

Soccer Star Lauren Holiday Battles Brain Tumor While Pregnant

The diagnosis comes after the 2014 MVP of the Year took time off to start a family with husband Jrue Holiday.

Safe Skin-Care Products for Pregnant Women (Plus the Ones to Avoid)

Do you ~ really ~ need to give up your favorite night cream?

Here Is Exactly What Happened When I Had A Miscarriage

"Late this spring, I was pregnant, and then, just as summer arrived, I was not."

Fed Up New Mom Reveals the Truth About C-Sections

It is 100% NOT the easy way to give birth

This Mommy Blogger Celebrated Her Post-Baby Body with an Inspirational Naked Selfie

"I'm not the same person I was before I had babies, so why would I want my body to reflect something and someone I no longer am?"

CDC Issues Miami Travel Warning After Zika Outbreak

The news comes after ten new cases of locally-transmitted Zika popped up over the weekend.

The Top 5 Exercises Every Mom-to-Be Should Do

Your body will be just as prepared as your nursery

There's Now a Wearable Tracker for Fertility

This is the first tracker that may actually help you get pregnant

Yes, You Should Exercise During Pregnancy

In fact, staying fit can help reduce your risk of a pre-term birth or C-section

New At-Home Fertility Test Checks Your Guy's Sperm

Worried about your man's swimmers? Here's how to get a quick answer.

More Pregnant Women In the US Have Zika Than You'd Think, Says New Report

According to a new report, almost 300 pregnant women have it.

The U.S. Made Major Strides In Paid Family Leave This Week

Thanks to new state laws and company offerings, everyone's become more aware of the importance—and health benefits—of paid family leave.

How to Find the Best Birth Control for You

What works for your friend may not be the right choice for you

Yes, You Really Can Be Born to Run

Turns out, Bruce Springsteen was on to something—your love of exercise may be a direct result of how active your mom was while pregnant with you.

Can Drinking Coffee *Before* Pregnancy Cause a Miscarriage?

A new study links caffeine with an almost doubled risk of miscarriage. But here's why java addicts shouldn't freak out.

Are Fertility Foods a Real Thing?

Read this before raiding the grocery store for some secret ingredient

How Risky Are Abortions, Anyway?

Experts weigh in on the Texas law.