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Pam's Un-Oaked Chardonnay

Adorably referred to as "Pam's Cuties," this un-oaked Chardonnay from California is full of apple, Asian pear, and tangerine blossom flavors. Need to stock up for a full-on BBQ? You can score 24-pack cases of these cans to keep your whole party (and non-beer drinkers) happy without having to pop bottles. (And, BTW, white wine is usually a lower-cal pick than red wine.)

Photo: Ron Rubin Winery

Stella Rosa Singles

Want the convenience of canned wine but with a little less hangover and a look that's a little ~classier~? Enter Stella Rosa's single wine cocktails, which come in mini bottle-shaped 8.5-oz aluminum containers. These low-alcohol wine cocktails come in Stella Rosa's two signature flavors—Black and Platinum. Bonus: the 4-pack comes with 25 percent more than a regular bottle of wine, so you get more bang for your buck. (Looking for more low-alcohol options? Try these healthy low-ABV cocktails.) 

Photo: Stella Rosa

Great Oregon Wine Company

canned wines

Pack a taste of the Pacific Northwest in your next picnic with these adorable canned wines from the Great Oregon Wine Company. From pinot grigio to pinot noir and rosé, they have every wine taste covered—and a four-pack will only run you about $11.

Photo: Great Oregon Wine Company