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Rom-Coms Aren't Just Unrealistic, They Can Actually Be Bad For You

Science confirms that watching The Notebook can actually bad for you.

A Messy Kitchen Could Lead to Weight Gain

New research shows that cluttered kitchens lead you to consume more calories.

Positive Thinking (Without the Right Parameters!) Can Actually Make You Depressed

Guess it's time to stop fantasizing about becoming Beyoncé...

Your Attidude Toward Aging Can Have a Direct Effect On Your Health

Seriously, there's power behind positive thinking.

Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

Optimism experts reveal the truth behind the glass-half-full mindset.

Here's Why You Should Lobby Your Boss for a Flexible Schedule

Just tell her it's for the sake of your health!

Boredom Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing, Says New Research

New research says boredom isn't such a bad thing.

Go Under the Sheets with a Professional Cuddler

One woman shares what it's like to get under the sheets with strangers.

I Can't Stop Crying During Yoga—Experts Weigh In

If you've ever teared up during the beauty that is savasana, you're not alone.

Resting Bitch Face Can Sharpen Communication Skills

Are women with "RBF" better communicators?

How Suffering Fosters Post-Traumatic Growth (Which Is a Good Thing)

Struggling—in the gym and in life—can help you realize your self-worth.

4 Ways to Use Eye Contact to Your Advantage

A long stare with someone influences our behavior and the way people perceive us.

Feeling Blue Could Make Your World Turn Grey

'Feeling blue,' 'seeing red,' or 'green with envy'? There's more truth to that than you think.

Your Brain On: Crying

Your brain on tears, and how they do (and don't) make you feel better.

Has Your Love for Running Turned Into an Unhealthy Obsession?

Yes, running is great exercise, but your cardio addiction could actually be hurting your stride.

Are Organic Food Labels Tricking Your Taste Buds?

Most people opt for organic because it tastes fresher—or at least, you think it does.

9 Touchy Subjects Guys Get Sensitive About

Men can actually be pretty insecure—no matter the confidence they exude.

Science Reveals Which Personality Traits Can Lead to Real Happiness

Plus, expert advice on how to cultivate them.

The 4 Drunk Personality Types, According to Science

Read this before your next big GNO.

Should You Check Who's Unfriended You on Facebook?

A new app helps you find which of your FB friends have jumped ship—but it may not be healthy to find out.

Panic Attack Warning Signs—and How to Deal

Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfriend, and Lena Dunham have all experienced panic attacks. Could they happen to you?

6 Types of Therapy that Go Beyond a Couch Session

From yoga to an outdoor adventure, skip the couch session for one of these innovative therapy alternatives.

Therapist-Approved Tricks for Perpetual Positivity

You don't have to take a seat on the couch (or shell out a co-pay) to take advantage of these expert tips.

How Streaking Can Help You Banish Bad Habits

Not that kind of streaking, you perv.