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Giddy Up In Downward Dog

Forget beach, mountain-top, or paddleboard yoga—the new place for the ultimate down dog? On a horse. @horse_yoga_girl makes it all look way too easy.

Photo: horse_yoga_girl Instagram

The Vinyasa Yoga Flow That Sculpts Your Abs

It's time to say sayonara to sit-ups. They're boring, repetitive, and not even all that great for you. (More on that in Should You Stop Doing Sit-Ups?) Plus, they don't work your complete core, including the back and sides. If you really want to build strength in your entire middle, the path of least effort (and max results) is yoga. Vinyasa, in particular, works your core from every angle, toning even your back and hips. This also improves your alignment and overall fitness. (Still not convinced?

A Dog with Wings

This pooch flies high with a little outdoor acro yoga. (He doesn't look like a fan, but we think he's nailing it.)

Photo: isadorahv Instagram

Fish On a Boat


This yogi took #petyoga to a whole other level with this twist on boat pose. Apparently, not-so-furry friends can do yoga too!

Photo: eliana_infinito_yoga Instagram

Giving Crow a Go

Instagram yogi Megan Brooks took Rachel Brathen's goat video as inspiration, and gave crow pose a try with her kitten, Dexter the "mini panther." (And you should give it a try too. Read Why Everyone Should Try Cat Yoga At Least Once.)

Photo: Megan_a_brooks Instagram