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Why You Should Be More Body Positive This Year

Because body positivity is so much better than negging on yourself.

This Woman's Response to Fat Shaming at the Gym Will Make You Want to Cheer

Kenlie Tiggeman didn't get revenge, she got something even better.

This Woman Is Running a Marathon on Every Continent

The reason why will give you all the feels.

Women In the Military Can Now Hold Combat Positions

Female heroes can now serve on the front line for the U.S. military, just like men.

I Came Back to Ballet as a Grownup—Then Danced The Nutcracker with a Professional Dance Company

Spoiler alert: There were a lot of yoga, pilates, barre3, and, of course, ballet classes.

I Didn't Know I Had an Eating Disorder

It's possible healthy habits could be hiding a more dangerous issue.

How I Bounced Back from a Binge Eating Episode

Don't let a small slip-up turn into a giant slide.

Go Under the Sheets with a Professional Cuddler

One woman shares what it's like to get under the sheets with strangers.

In the New Sport Grid, Monique Williams Reigns Supreme

Haven't heard of Grid yet? Monique Williams will make sure you do.

Why the Gym Isn't Just for Skinny People

One blogger faces her gym fears head on to find confidence in dance cardio.

I'm 200 Pounds and Fitter Than Ever

Katelyn O'Donnell is proof that beauty and strength can be found at any size.

The Kickass Female College Football Player You Need to Know

April Goss, a placekicker at Kent State University, will prove you wrong.

What I Wish I Knew About Breast Cancer in My 20s

From six real women who've been touched by the disease.

Why You Need to Watch the Chicago Marathon This Weekend

Cheer her on as she runs the Chicago marathon this weekend!

7 Real 'I Need to Lose Weight' Aha Moments

The "aha" that sparked a healthier lifestyle.

The Most Influential Women Leading Big-Name Sports Brands

Meet the smart women behind Equinox, ESPN, and other powerful sports and fitness brands.

Meet the First-Ever NFL Chief Medical Advisor—It's a Woman!

The lives of your favorite football stars are in her (very capablel) hands.

Army Rangers, Meet Your Two New Female Members

On Friday, two insanely impressive women will become the first ever female Rangers to graduate from West Point Academy.

Why Freckles Deserve the Spotlight

Women share why freckles should be celebrated—and they have the celeb backing to boot!

What You Should Know About Jen Welter, the NFL's Newest Coach

This Ph.D. and football pro is all the talk of social media and the NFL.

Planned Parenthood Campaign Asks Women to Share How Birth Control Helped Them

#BirthControlHelpedMe is bringing awareness to what the Pill means to women all over the globe.

Brides Share Why They Said "I Don't" to Weight Loss

There are actually some brides out there who aren't obsessed with wedding diets—and we found 'em!

This 71-Year-Old Runner Has Completed 81 Marathons

And Barbara Brady isn't stopping any time soon!