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Forget Diet and Exercise—Do You Have the Fit Gene?

You're just a cheek swab or a needle prick away from finding out if your body is programmed for endur­ance, built for power, or hard wiredto lift heavy. That's because the sophisticated lab tests that were once reserved for Olympians have gone mainstream, thanks to a bumper crop of new companies that offer to read your inner tea leaves—found in your saliva orin your blood—for about the cost of a high ­tech fitness tracker.

If You're Dairy-Free, This New Plant-Based Milk Is Going to Change Everything for You

If you're vegan, not a fan of dairy, or simply lactose intolerant, then get excited—we've made a pretty awesome discovery, and we think you're going to like it.

Of all the plant-based milks, it can be hard to choose one. Which has the most protein? Which goes best in coffee? Am I getting enough vitamin D? Does this even taste good? We hear ya, and so did the folks over at Ripple, the latest plant-based "milk" to hit the market.

Buffalo Jackfruit Spinach Dip

For those vegans who cry inside a little every time he or she is at a party with buffalo chicken dip, this recipe is for you! Buffalo Jackfruit Spinach Dip isn't necessarily the lowest low-cal option—it still uses cream cheese and cheddar (both vegan)—it's worth the splurge because you can finally have what everyone else is having!

Photo: Vegan Yack Attack

Jackfruit Fish-Free Tacos

Again, looks can be deceiving when it comes to cooking with jackfruit. These Jackfruit Fish-Free Tacos might look like the familiar poolside lunch, but you won't find any fish on this plate. (And the plate isn't just gorgeous, BTW. That's partly thanks to the Ancho chili cashew cheese sauce—yum!)

Photo: Keepin' It Kind