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sexual health

Study Says Birth Control Pills May Worsen Your Mood

That's why access to different methods is so important

Aly Raisman Says We Need to Talk More About Sexual Assault

"I can't tell you how many girls I know that have been sexually abused at some point in their life."

The Signs and Symptoms of Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids affect 50 percent of women. Do you even know what they are?

Why You Might Want to Consider Ditching Tampons for a Menstrual Cup

I have zero plans to go back to using tampons and pads.

The House Decided to Undo a Rule That Was Protecting Planned Parenthood

What that means for you and the future of women's health

Melinda Gates Vows to Provide Birth Control to 120 Million Women Worldwide

"I've heard from women all over the world about how important contraceptives are to their ability to take charge of their futures."

What Every Woman Should Know About Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

HBO's Girls star Zosia Mamet endured six years of "unbearable" pain before finally discovering she had PFD.

There's Now a Fitness Tracker for Your Sex Life

Because who doesn't want to know their exact number of thrusts?

How to Have the Safest Sex Possible Every Time You Get Busy

FYI your STD risk is crazy high—here's how to stay safe in the sack.

Why Your Lack of Sex Drive Isn't a Disorder

Here's why you shouldn't worry if you're not the definition of horny.

This Model Just Opened Up About Being Intersex

Hanne Gaby Odiele is changing the fashion world for the better.

Cervical Cancer Is Deadlier Than Previously Thought

The rates are worse than previously thought.

Inspiring Signs from the Women’s March Following Trump's Inauguration

A sea of women took to the streets in pink hats and clever signs to stand up for women's rights