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I Only Had Sex With One Person & Got The Most Common STI

Why you should never think, "HPV won't affect someone like me."

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Organic tampons just got a potentially dangerous upgrade

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OB/GYNs weigh in on whether you can rely on the "morning after pill" as a regular form of birth control.

You Can Now Get Birth Control from Your Pharmacist

Getting the pill (or whatever you use!) just got a whole lot easier.

The Number One Reason People Avoid HIV Testing

It's something we can all relate to.

We Are In the Midst of an STD Epidemic

We are in the midst of an STD epidemic, people.

Your Sex Toys Might Be Toxic

Not-so-great chemicals could be lurking in your vibrators, condoms, and lubes.

Two-Thirds of the World's Population Has Type 1 Herpes

Yikes—more than 3.7 billion people under the age of 50 are infected with HSV-1.

6 IUD Myths—Busted!

We bust six common myths about the hotly debated form of birth control.

Could Your Vagina Protect You Against an STI?

Turns out, some women could have a natural barrier that blocks infection.

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Low libido isn't just a lady problem.

What I Learned From 10 Years of One-Night Stands

Because sleeping with 30+ guys will teach you a thing or two about sexual health.

Do You Really Need a Pelvic Exam?

Doctors disagree about whether women should get an annual pelvic exam. Here's what you need to

The Best Skincare Products for a Healthy Hooha

It takes a lot to ensure a healthy (and happy) vagina, but these creams, gels, and powders can help.

9 Female Celebrities Get Candid About Sexual Health

Fertility struggles, sex ed—these stars speak their mind on women’s health.

Your Risk of STDs is WAY Higher Than You Think

New calculator shows how fast and far STDs can spread

"Period Panties" Are The New Tampon Alternative

Basically a sexy, top-secret diaper.

Can This After-Sex Drink Really Help Prevent a UTI?

A new beverage called Uqora claims to stave off UTIs, but we're not so sure it's the silver bullet women have been looking for.

Birth Control Pills Could Slash Your Risk of Endometrial Cancer

A new study found that women on The Pill slash endometrial cancer risk by a quarter.

"It's Not Female Viagra": One Woman Shares How Addyi Changed Her Sex Life

The FDA approved Addyi—now, one woman gets real about how the drug changed her sex life.

FDA Approves "Female Viagra" Pill to Boost Low Libido

For starters, it's not actually Viagra.

The 5 Biggest Yeast Infection Myths—Debunked

A gynecologist answers all your burning questions concerning yeast infection causes, symptoms, and more.