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sexual health

Could You Have a Semen Allergy?

An ob-gyn has the answers you didn't even know you needed to this startling question.

It's Official: The U.S. Department of Education Department Has Eliminated Obama-Era Title IX Guidelines

Schools will now have new guidelines for handling sexual misconduct complaints.

Betsy DeVos Plans to Change Campus Sexual Assault Policies

What the education secretary had to say about Title IX and sexual assault.

Taylor Swift Made Good On Her Promise to Donate Money to Victims of Sexual Assault

The founder of the organization is none other than Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order: SVU.

Guys Are Putting Stickers On Their Urethras to Avoid Condoms, and You Shouldn't Stand for It

Add this to the list of absolutely ludicrous things men will do to avoid rubbers.

New Nationwide Program Aims to Reduce Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Stop telling women what to wear, and start telling men not to assault them.

The Important Reason Tess Holliday Won't Buy Scented Products for Her Vagina

Let's stop creating hygiene problems that don't exist, shall we?

The Trump Administration Just Cut $213 Million In Funding Aimed at Preventing Teen Pregnancy

This massive budget cut sneaked by without many noticing—until now.

Women Are Putting Glitter Bombs In Their Vaginas

The unicorn trend has officially gone too far.

Women Living In These Cities Have the Best Sex Lives Ever

In these cities, you can really let your sexual lady flag fly.

Lena Dunham's Op-Ed Is a Reminder That Birth Control Is So Much More Than Pregnancy Prevention

It's not just a family planning pill, it's a women's health tool.

The Biggest Sex Issue No One Is Talking About

Sexual dysfunction is way more common than you think—even in younger women.

These Teens Invented a Straw That Can Help Detect Date Rape Drugs

They hope to stop drug-facilitated sexual assault.

How the American Health Care Act Could Impact Women's Preventative Care Costs

Women shouldn't need to choose between getting a Pap smear and paying rent.

Congress Just Passed a Bill That Will Keep Funding Planned Parenthood—for Now

If you're a PP supporter, you can breathe a *mini* sigh of relief.

New Website Tries to Help Women Who Can't Access Abortion

An organization in the Netherlands is counseling women about their options.

Study Says Birth Control Pills May Worsen Your Mood

That's why access to different methods is so important