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Why Condoms Are Good for Your Vagina (and Not Just Because of STDs)

And not just because of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Investigation: 368 Gymnasts Have Alleged Sexual Abuse By Coaches and Adults

According to the report, some incidents date back 20 years.

Abortion Doesn't Cause Mental Health Issues, Says Study

The largest long-term study gives its 2 cents on the matter

Syphilis Might Be the Next Scary STD Superbug

One emerging strain is already plotting world domination—and antibiotic resistance.

What the Election of Donald Trump Could Mean for the Future of Women's Health

From contraception to maternity leave, here's what you need to know about the potential changes coming your way

21 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Your Orgasm

It's not every day you read a scientific explanation of your favorite reason to have sex.

The Best Way to Work Out to Increase Your Sex Drive

Ditch you running sneaks, boost your sex drive

Saying the Word "Vagina" Is NOT Taboo

Because the correct word for your anatomy is NOT taboo.

Scary News for Your Sex Life: STD Rates Are at an All-Time High

And that whole "it won't happen to me" thing isn't going to fly

9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Annual Gyno Appointment

How to make the most out of the precious time you have with your doc in your annual visit.

Gonorrhea Might Soon Be Untreatable

~ Condoms ~ Condoms ~ Condoms ~

Female Ejaculation: Myth or Reality?

We asked an expert to weigh in on the topic du jour in the sexual health world: female ejaculation.

These STIs Are Much Harder to Get Rid of Than They Used to Be

Antibiotic resistance is a *major* problem

What Are Kegels Exactly—And How Do You Do Them?

And are they *really* as important as everyone says?

Here Is Exactly What Happened When I Had A Miscarriage

"Late this spring, I was pregnant, and then, just as summer arrived, I was not."

Asking for a Friend: What's Causing My Itchy Vagina?

Yeast infections, contact dermatitis, sweat… We asked a sexpert for the causes of vaginal itching—so you don’t have to.