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sexual health

Is a "Broken Penis" a Legitimate Thing?

Thank goodness our lady bits are safely inside of us. *shudders*

A Handy Guide to Some of the Best Condom Options Out There

"Get in, loser, we're going [condom] shopping."

Is There Really Such a Thing As an Alpha Uterus?

You've heard of periods supposedly syncing, but we asked a doc if one woman's hormones can actually influence the periods of everyone around her.

"Super Gonorrhea" Is a Thing That's Spreading

Antibiotic-resistant STDs are a serious problem. Here's how to protect yourself

What Is a Queef, Anyway?

Answer: not "vagina farts"

How to Decipher Your Abnormal Pap Smear Results

We break down what your pap and HPV test results really mean because, yes, they're confusing as hell

You—Yes, You—Can Get Blue Balls

Yep, lady blue balls are a thing.

Siri Can Help You Bury a Body—But Can't Help You In a Health Crisis

The scary capability our digital BFFs are lacking.

Bad News: More Women Are Googling DIY Abortions

More restrictions don't necessarily mean more safety when it comes to women's health

New York Women Stand Up to the Tampon Tax

Because tampons aren't a luxury

Foods for a Healthy, Happy Vagina

These foods and drinks prevent yeast infections, fibroids, UTIs, and more.

"Female Viagra" Doesn't Work, Says Study

Why the solution to the problem of the female sex drive is such a let-down. (Hint: Maybe because it's not a "problem" to be solved?)

Planned Parenthood Teens Remake "Hotline Bling"—In the Best Way Possible

Who knew sexual health could be this cool? Drake would be proud.

Lady Gaga Honors Sexual Assault Survivors at the Oscars

It was a big moment for survivors of sexual assault

Surgeons Just Completed the First Uterus Transplant In the U.S.

This major development in solving infertility has stalled.

Can Baby Powder Really Give You Ovarian Cancer?

Johnson & Johnson has to pay damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer after using their products for 35 years

More People Are Catching the Zika Virus As an STD

Yet another reason to be on top of safe sex.

5 Signs You're Having Sex for the Wrong Reasons

Sex is a healthy part of life—except when it's not

These Are the Most Common Sex-Related Injuries

And if they happen to you, don't wait to see a doc

Obama Cuts Abstinence-Only Sex Education from the Budget

The President makes sexual health a priority in latest budget release