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Learn to Love Your Morning Workout—Once and for All

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5 Ways to Sleep Well All Summer Long

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Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out?

Tough morning? We checked with experts to find out when it's OK to hit snooze—and when you should drag your butt out of bed.

Will One Night of Poor Sleep Affect Your Workout?

Tiger Woods says that stress is leading him to miss out on zzz's. But could it be messing with his game too?

Affordable Products for a Better Night's Sleep

Don't just rely on counting sheep—doze off faster and wake up well-rested with these apps and products.

Sunday-Somnia Is More Common Than You Thought

Science says 1 in 4 adults suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia (aka the "Sunday Scaries").

5 Easy Ways to Start Your Day Stress-Free

Is every a.m. a struggle for you? Here's your guide to reclaiming your mornings.

Your Brain On: Daylight Savings Time

Find out how Daylight Savings Time affects your mood, hunger cues, sleep, and more.

The Unhealthy Food Cravings Caused by Just One Less Hour of Sleep

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Science-Backed Strategies on How to Sleep Better

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Time Your Strength Training and Cardio for Better Sleep!

Time your strength training and cardio workouts the right way and you'll maximize the zzz-enhancing effects.

Yoga Poses to Help You Fall Asleep

Relax your body and mind with this quick and easy bedtime yoga routine that allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

How a Crazy Sleep Schedule Seriously Stresses You Out

A new study says hitting the sack past a certain time—or waking up before dawn—can take a toll on your mind. Fight back with an expert-approved strategy.

6 Surprising Things That Make You Tired

If you're feeling sleepy 24/7, these culprits may be to blame. Here's how to wake the heck up and get healthier in the process.

3 Ways to Prevent Post-Workout Insomnia

If late night exercise leaves you tossing and turning, try these snooze-soundly strategies.