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7 Desserts That Might Help You Lose Weight

Lemon and Ginger Ice Pops

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The recipe calls for only 3/4 cup of sugar (serving size is 10 pops), but you can totally reduce it if desired--most of the flavor comes from the lemon juice and fresh ginger. This sour/spicy combo is refreshing and low-cal.

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Dark Chocolate Cake Pops

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For the moments when you're craving something sweet, keep this in mind: These delectable little pops—made with black beans—clock in at just 105 calories. (Or you could also try the 140-cal Starbucks version.) Plus, studies show that cocoa levels in dark chocolate can help lower cholesterol and reduce belly fat. Huzzah!

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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Popcorn

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While we're on the subject of dark chocolate: Melt a few squares in the microwave for a minute or two, then add it to the top of a full bag of 100-calorie microwave popcorn for a satisfying—and guilt-free—treat. (Sea salt optional.)

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Peach Crostini

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Grilled peaches, FTW. This recipe calls for a blend of goat cheese and mascarpone, but you could sub in low-fat cream cheese for a 150-calorie treat that still combines everything you love about summer. (Bread! Grilled fruit! Sugar!)

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Whether your flavor of choice is lemon, raspberry or pistachio, this light and airy French confection will actually set you back only 120 calories. The tricky part? Portion control.

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Creamy Chocolate-Avocado Ice Cream

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This homemade low-cal recipe will hit the spot, but if you prefer your ice cream store-bought, it's always better to splurge on full-fat versus low-fat. Here's why: You're actually much more likely to overdo it (i.e., eat the whole pint) if it's missing real ingredients like full-fat dairy, according to studies.

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One-Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet

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Or if you're going dairy-free, this light and refreshing purée is everything you ever wanted in a dessert...minus the guilt.

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