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Robin Arzon Shares How a Near-Death Experience Inspired Her to Become a Trainer

"Ever since that day, I have actually lived every day as my last."

Kelly Rowland Gets Real About Having Diastasis Recti

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This Woman Was Bullied for Her Vitiligo, So She Transformed Her Skin Into Art

After being bullied for her skin condition, Ashley Soto decided to take matters into her own hands.

The Full-Body Landmine Workout for Beginners

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Loaded Breakfast Nachos Recipes That Will Make Your Morning

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Eva Mendes Shares the Fitness and Beauty Tips That Keep Her Looking So Damn Glowy

Spoiler: Tough workouts, healthy meals, loads of coconut oil, and Ryan Gosling.

Cute Products Made for Coffee Lovers

Snag these stylish items to express your true devotion.

The Ultimate Lower Abs Workout from Emily Skye

Including one never-before-seen move that will *rock* your body.

Why You Should Stop Doing Things You Hate Once and for All

Life is too damn short—and you're not doing your health goals any favors either.

Bob Harper Reminds Us That Heart Attacks Can Happen to Anyone

A healthy diet and exercise don't cancel out all the risks.

Iskra Lawrence Joins the #BoycottTheBefore Movement

"We do not need to prove that we struggled."

How to Meditate with Mala Beads for a More Mindful Practice

Because that gorgeous mala isn't only for elevating your outfits.

Why Holly Rilinger *Literally* Jumps Out of Bed In the Morning

The celebrity trainer who's "deathly afraid of over-sleeping" shares her a.m. routine.

This Genius Tabata Toilet Paper Workout Will Make You LOL

It might seem like bathroom humor, but this toilet paper Tabata workout is no joke.

Why These Women Are Covering Their Naked Bodies In Rainbow Glitter

These photos take #squadgoals to a whole new level.

The Blueberry Cashew Energy Bites Your Snack Game Needs

These bites make for a healthy on-the-go snack.