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How You Deal with Email Is Causing You Extra Stress

The most important step to reclaiming your inbox? Stop checking it.

How Suffering Fosters Post-Traumatic Growth (Which Is a Good Thing)

Struggling—in the gym and in life—can help you realize your self-worth.

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Stress eating is real—at least, it can be if you’re in an unhappy marriage.

Body Fat Causes a Stress-Weight Gain Cycle

And not because of body image issues.

Why You Stress-Sweat and How to Stop It

See how to deal with sweating caused by anxiety to stay dry when you feel like you're in hot water.

Chronic Stress Can Shorten Your Lifespan

A new study sheds light on the hormone that increases (and not in a good way!) with worry.

How to Say No to People (and Mean It!)

Rejecting an invite or favor is awkward, but saying "yes" all the time is even worse for you.

Anxiety-Reducing Solutions for Common Worry Traps

A little anxiety is normal, but if you find yourself stressing over every single thing, it’s time to tackle the problem head on.

The New Activity Tracker that Puts Stress Before Steps

Spire tracks your breathing to warn you when you’re too tense—and teaches you how to snap out of it.

Your Guilt-Free Guide to Taking a Mental Health Day

Yes, you do deserve it! Experts dish advice for dealing with your boss and making the time off worthwhile.

The Surprising Way Low Confidence Affects Your Workout Performance

It's about more than just body image—confidence can wreak havoc on your sweat sessions.

Have an Amazing Orgasm: De-Stress

One of the worst effects of stress: a low libido. Learn how to relax with calming tips that'll lead to a bigger, better O.

This Weird Test Could Predict Anxiety and Depression

Science could predict your likelihood of mental illness just by judging how you respond to a picture of a face.

3 Bad Habits That’ll Ruin Your Future Health

These habits make you age faster and put your future health at risk. Find out what they are, and what you can do about it!

4 Times Your Intuition Is Lying to You

Trusting your intuition is usually a good thing, but in these 4 scenarios your gut instinct may cause more harm than help.

Why Social Media Actually Lowers Stress for Women

New data shows you may not want to totally detox from technology after all.

The Surprising Positive Benefits of Being a Worrier

Good news for worriers! Find out why science says a stressed-out mind isn't always a bad thing.

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Use this trick to maximize your energy—and your pace!

4 Reasons You're Crying

Randomly crying but not feeling sad? What's causing it—and what it really means.

8 Secrets Calm People Know

You don’t have to be Buddha to inject a little relaxation into your life.

Your Brain On: Depression

Researchers are only starting to better understand the disorder that tragically claimed Robin Williams’s life.

Stress Eating Can Make You Burn Fewer Calories

Another reason to turn to exercise, not comfort food, to nix anxiety (though you likely won’t gain 11 pounds).

Your Smartphone Will Soon Be Able to Measure Your Stress Levels

But it’s still up to you to find ways to decompress.

The Best New TED Talks to Change Your Mind So You Can Change Your Life

The newest insight from these super popular videos will help you think your way to be happier, less stressed, stronger, and more successful—you in?