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summer beauty

How to Shrink Large Pores for Flawlessly Clear Skin

The best ways to keep your skin clear through Labor Day and beyond

Sunscreens for Working Out That Don't Suck—or Streak or Leave You Greasy

<em>Shape</em> editor-tested products that will make lathering up less of a chore this summer.

The 4-Second Way to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Hint: It's in your medicine cabinet.

Your Post-Summer Skin Rehab

We rounded up the best beauty products to fix dark spots, irritation, and other summer skin bummers.

SPF and Sun Protection Myths to Stop Believing

Get informed on the most common SPF blunders so you can step up your summer skincare routine.

Last-Ditch Bikini Prep Tips

Baring all can be unnerving. Use these quick tips to look and feel your best in minutes.

Your Summer Hair Rescue Guide

Bid adieu to brittle strands, brassy color and other seasonal problems.

The Best Waterproof Mascara to Prevent a Makeup Meltdown

Because raccoon eyes after a 30-minute swim class are not cute.

Make-Your-Own Products for Summer Beauty Bummers

Recipes that will give you beach waves, bronzed skin, and soothe your summer woes&mdash; without spending a ton of money.

7 Ways to Bypass Mosquito Bites, Minus the Bug Spray

Trade gross and sticky bug spray for natural remedies that really work.

8 Shine-Stopping Solutions for Oily Skin

Because there's a big difference between dewy and greasy.

7 Sole-Saving Products for Pretty Feet

Because spending the summer in flip-flops isn't doing your dirty feet any favors.

Summer's Breakthrough New Beauty Products

From bronzer to body wash to blow dryers, these innovative finds make it easier than ever to look gorgeous all summer long.

The Super-Sneaky Ways the Sun Is Getting to You

UVA rays can fry your skin even when you'd least expect it (and yes, that means indoors too).

20 Sun Products to Help Protect Your Skin

Sand, water, pollution, sweat, and, of course, the sun—these best-in-show sunscreen, sunblock, and skin protection picks will keep you covered all summer.

Stephanie Ruhle's Summer Beauty Tips

Bloomberg TV anchor and Shape contributor Stephanie Ruhle shares her essentials to stay hydrated and protected all season.

Collarbone Contouring: The Latest Beauty Trend?

Experts weigh in on the talked about makeup technique. What is it—and should you try it?

10 Beauty Products to Cool You Down

When the temperature spikes, keep your cool with these refreshing beauty finds!

Gross Summer Skin Problems No One Talks About

Don't let pesky blemishes, cystic acne, or annoying rashes get in the way of your flawless, glowing skin. Learn how to step up your skincare routine and rock that bikini all summer long.

New Tattoos Make a Beautiful Statement—Temporarily

These gorgeous tattoos let you display powerful phrases and affirmations, without getting permanently (and painfully) inked up.

Effortlessly Create Wavy Beach Hair

Learn the expert way to look like you just stepped off the sand, whatever your locks’ natural texture.

11 Easy Tricks to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

From curling your lashes correctly to looking more awake, these tips will change your life&mdash;or at least your morning routine!

11 Ways to Summer-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Frizz, body bumps, melted makeup—not this summer!