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Swimming Tips to Score the Biggest Benefits from Your Pool Workout

There's a reason swimming is the queen of cardio—jump in!

Leslie Jones Transformed into the Ultimate Fan Girl When Meeting Katie Ledecky

"You know how to swim so good, like a fish. Oh my God."

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The best goggles for beginners, open-water, indoor pools, and everything in between.

6 Burning Questions for Olympic Swimmer Natalie Coughlin

The Olympian answers all of our swimming qs, from how to properly fuel up to whether it's ever cool to pee in the pool.

How Sucking at a Sport Made Me a Better Athlete

When drowning is a distinct possibility, even the most independent athletes need to ask for help.

The Best Alternative Workout for Every Type of Athlete

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The Fun Swim Workout for a Full-Body Burn

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6 Ways to Revive Damaged Hair Post-Swim

Forget #beachhairdontcare, and follow these tips to avoid damaged hair.

The Gross Parasite Found in Swimming Pools

Reports of contracting cryptosporidium from pools and lakes are growing, reports the CDC.

Post-Pool Beauty Tips from Olympian Dara Torres

Go from waterlogged to picture-perfect in minutes with this post-pool beauty routine from Olympic medalist Dara Torres.

Female Athlete Sets World Swimming Record

Alia Atkinson becomes the first black female to set a world swimming record and grab gold at the championships.

Beat the Winter Blues with a 60-Minute Interval Swimming Workout

Two-time olympic swimmer, Elizabeth Beisel, shares a fast-paced interval exercise plan that burns off calories and keeps things challenging in the pool.

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25 Tips from Top Swim Coaches

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Summer Water Workout

Turn your lazy day at the pool into a calorie-burning, high-intensity workout, no swimming required!

4 Scary Things That Could Happen in a Pool or Hot Tub

Summer might be right around the corner, but these hidden warm weather dangers are freaking us out.

8 Reasons to Start Swimming

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The Secrets to Success in Any Workout

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6 Important Muscles Exercisers Ignore

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