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8 Healthy Tech Innovations That Are Totally Worth Splurging On

No, we're not talking about yet another fitness tracker.

Social Media Use Is Screwing Up Our Sleep Patterns

Social media junkies are getting less sleep than the rest of us.

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These high-tech advancements are changing health for good.

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The analog watch just got a 21st-centuy update.

Peeple: A New App That Will Let You Rate Everyone You Know

Billed as "Yelp for people", the app will allow you to review all your friends

The Coolest Sports Bra of Fashion Week

Fashion and technology combine to solve your sweaty boob problem at the gym

Gmail Trumps Voicemail When It Comes to Romance

When it comes to expressing your love to your S.O. or asking someone out, email is the way to go.

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It may help you fall asleep, but it's harming your fertility.

Sexting May Help You Have Better Sex in Real Life

You might want to rethink talking dirty digitally, after all.

Why Scientists Think Wireless Technology Can Cause Cancer

We've heard a thousand times that technology causes cancer, but the science isn't actually that cut and dry.

Your Phone Can Pick Up On Depression Better Than You Can

How and where we use our phones can predict depression with nearly 90 percent accuracy, says new study.

How Technology Messes With Your Memory

Call it Digital Amnesia or the Google Effect, but storing all our memories online is causing us to forget them IRL.

Should You Check Who's Unfriended You on Facebook?

A new app helps you find which of your FB friends have jumped ship—but it may not be healthy to find out.

Teen Boys Come Up With STI-Detecting Condoms That Change Color

The new way to know if he has an STI? Check the color of his rubber!

Your Fitness Tracker's Stats—Explained

Because let's be honest—all you really know is that you're going for 10,000 steps a day.

Cell Phone Addiction Is So Real People Are Going to Rehab for It

Call it dependency or a full-blown addiction, but how we're (over)using iPhones and smartphones is taking its toll.

Multitasking with Technology Can Rewire Your Brain

Do you text while tableting while watching your favorite show? Watch out for this scary side effect!

Your iPad May Up Your Risk for Cancer

How artificial lights can affect your risk for breast cancer, diabetes, depression, and more.

How to Keep Your Headphones from Tangling

Watch this video for a clever hack to help you roll all the cords in your life into neat little bundles that stay out of your way.

6 Helpful Breakup Sites for Getting Over an Ex

Breakups are never easy! That's why these sites help you sort through the mess and get back on track.