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total-body workout plans

The NFL Cheerleaders Workout

Sure, they shake it on the sidelines, but they also spend time killing it in the gym. Who said cheerleaders weren't athletes?

The Full-Body Workout to Burn More and Stress Less

This transformative strength training workout torches calories, builds lean muscle, and unwinds your mind so thoroughly, you forget about everything else.

9 Next-Level Strength Training Moves That Burn More Calories and Sculpt All Over

Get more burn and firm with easy tweaks to classic strength training moves.

The Total-Body Rowing Machine Workout That Will Transform Your Body

Classic rowing meets strength training with sculpting exercises from CityRow that burn all the calories.

Strengthen, Lengthen, and Tone with a Yoga-Plus-Dance Flow Workout

You'll carve your muscles from angles most workouts miss.

The Reinvented Use-Every-Muscle Pilates Workout

This reinvented Pilates routine uses every muscle you have.

The Killer Flow Workout for Total-Body Strengthening

Seven moves designed to firm you up and let you loose.

The Fun Swim Workout for a Full-Body Burn

Burn fat, build muscle, and tone your core with a pool circuit worth getting your hair wet for.

8 Compound Exercises That Keep Madonna Looking Toned on Tour

Compound exercises + explosive cardio = a killer total-body circuit.

The USWNT Endurance Circuit Workout

Train like a U.S. Women's National Team member with this endurance workout straight from the coach.

7 Weight Plate Strength Exercises That Work Wonders

This underrated piece of gym equipment can actually do wonders for your body.

Body-Toning Dumbbell Exercises from Autumn Calabrese

Sculpt lean muscle from unfamiliar angles with an incredibly-efficient, calorie-burning workout from the 21-Day Fix creator.

Tony Horton's Circuit Workout for a Total-Body Burn

In the first installment of our Summer Shape-Up series, get your body bikini-ready with this all-in-one workout that slims, trims, and tones at super speed.

4-Week Weight Training Plan for Women

Cardio and a clean diet can only get you so far—amp up your metabolism with this routine to maximize your weight loss results.

Bridal Body-Sculpting Moves for Your Big Day

Get in wedding shape fast with this 20-minute full-body conditioning workout.

10-Minute Metabolic Conditioning Workout Plan

Burn fat fast with this exclusive metabolic conditioning routine inspired by MetCon3—one of Equinox's most popular classes.

The March Madness-Inspired Total Body Workout

Basketball season is at its peak—now, you can train like the players with these challenging, total-body exercises.

The HIIT Workout that Tones in 30 Seconds

Start shedding fat in just 30 seconds with these fast-paced total body moves from Adam Rosante's book The 30-Second Body.

The Top Athletic Training Moves to Master

Train like an athlete with total-body moves that focus on everything from flexibility to agility.

10-Minute Yoga Workout for Muscle Tone

Sneak in a workout with this 10-minute yoga routine that will exercise both your mind and body.

The Perfect Total-Body Workout for Couples

This total-body workout routine will strengthen you and your partner's muscles—and your relationship.

7 Heavy Rope Exercises to Slam, Strengthen, and Sculpt

Hit the ropes! These one-tool cardio and strength training moves will whip you right into shape.

Try This Barre Workout Inspired By the Super Bowl

These seven football-inspired moves will keep you off the couch—and get your head in the game.

Jump Rope Workout: Burn Fat and Tone All Over

Bust out your jump rope and torch calories and sculpt everything in no time.

Medicine Ball Slams and 7 More Moves to Build Muscle

Trade in your dumbbells for challenging medicine ball moves recommended by trainers across the country.