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vegan recipes

10 Jackfruit Recipes That Will Make You Wonder Why You've Been Missing Out

This stealthy fruit can disguise itself as almost any kind of food.

9 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Make Vegan

These can't-believe-it's-vegan recipes will blow your mind.

Insanely Good Vegan Recipes for Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Veggie versions of five classics so incredibly tasty, you may never go back.

Delicious Vegan Ice Cream Recipes You'd Never Guess Were Dairy-Free

I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream.

10 Easy Recipes for Homemade Energy Bars

Why pay more for store-bought bars when you can make your own delicious ones at home?

7 Vegan Recipes for a Satisfying Low-Calorie Lunch

These delicious meat, dairy, and egg-free recipes are brown-bag friendly, so you get a vegan lunch on the go!

6 Foods for a Vegan Thanksgiving

Sure, the veggies are easy—but we’ve got ideas for main dishes, sides, and even desserts that are meat-, egg-, and dairy-free.

5 Burritos That Won't Leave You Stuffed

Skip football-sized, calorie-loaded wraps and roll up one of these balanced, delicious meals that satisfy on a lighter note.

Zesty Meatless Taco Salad

Exploding with fresh flavors and plant-based proteins, this Mexican dish will become a favorite for lunch or dinner.

Summer Zucchini Pasta with Pesto and Tomatoes

This light, refreshing dish is perfect for summer dinners and oh-so-simple to make.

A Day in the "Vegan Before 6" Diet

Delicious, flavorful, and easy to make, these recipes will make a flexible, plant-based lifestyle highly appealing.

A Creamy Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe

Indulge in this sweet and easy-to-make dessert with all natural ingredients.

4 Gorgeous and Light Raw Food Recipes

From walnut and beet ravioli to coconut mango bavarois, these dishes taste fresh and bright, and will leave you feeling the same.

Creamy Green Tea Vegan "Ice Cream"

Whip up this creamy, naturally sweetened treat in your blender using only 4 wholesome, body-boosting ingredients.

How to Make a Beautiful Radicchio and Endive Salad

Fresh, vibrantly colored ingredients and edible flowers make this delicious and healthy meal a crowd pleaser.

How to Make Raw Vegan Carrot Noodles with Tomatoes

Using carrots instead of noodles doesn’t only cut carbs and look beautiful, it also makes for a dinner with layers of enticing flavors.

20 Ways to Eat Artichokes

This versatile spring veggie shines in tons of recipes from steamed to stuffed to dips to soup, and is super easy to cook.

Cleansing Cucumber Dill Soup to Make in Your Blender

Light and refreshing yet satisfyingly creamy, this soup takes minutes to whip up in your blender.

20 Fresh Spring Recipes for Any Diet

Gluten-free? Paleo? Vegan? Whatever your diet, we’ve got meals you’ll devour featuring the season’s best ingredients.

Almond Butter Cups That Are Better Than Reese's

Ditch all those nasty ingredients you can't pronounce and make these better-for-you vegan almond butter cups from Alicia Silverstone's cookbook, The Kind Diet.

Lunch for a Month: 31 Grab-and-Go Meals Under 400 Calories

Stuck in a PB&J rut or always buy the same salad? You’ll be set for an entire month of delicious, easy midday meals with this list.

Terrific Vegetarian Tacos for Super Bowl Sunday

Everyone will devour these smoky chipotle mushroom treats (and they’re only 107 calories a pop!).

Cheese-Free Pizza So Good You Won't Miss the Cheese

Sounds crazy, but really: These pies are absolutely loaded with such amazing flavor, you can cut out the dairy—and calories!

An Easy Weekday Dinner Recipe with Greens

Chef Candice Kumai shows you how to whip together a fast, colorful meal that's perfect for busy nights.