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vitamins and supplements

This Vitamin Can Slow Down the Aging Process

Could anti-aging be as easy as popping a pill?

Does Sunscreen Really Block Vitamin D Production?

If this is your excuse for skipping SPF, prepare yourself—we asked a dermatologist for the final word.

Why More Tanning Means Less Vitamin D

The tanner you are, the less your skin absorbs the vitamin, according to a new study

Can a Niacin Vitamin Help Lower Your Skin Cancer Risk?

An exciting new study shows how taking a form of B3 vitamin can prevent future skin cancers.

5 Pro Tips for Buying Herbal Medicine

Just because they're plant-based doesn't mean they're safe.

Supplements Send 23,000 People to the ER Every Year

Just one more reason to steer clear of those "quick fixes."

"It's Not Female Viagra": One Woman Shares How Addyi Changed Her Sex Life

The FDA approved Addyi—now, one woman gets real about how the drug changed her sex life.

FDA Approves "Female Viagra" Pill to Boost Low Libido

For starters, it's not actually Viagra.

Are You ODing on Protein Powder?

Protein shakes and bars are a blessing for healthy people on the go, but we might be going overboard.

Can Too Much B12 Trigger a Breakout?

A new study sheds light on how B12 supplements can cause acne...and what to do about it.

5 Nutrients Even Healthy People Forget About

Eating right is no guarantee against illness—even the best dieters could be lacking in these necessary vitamins and minerals.

High Vitamin D Levels Linked to Increased Risk of Death

Just in time for spring, science shows that too much of "the sunshine vitamin" could be just as bad as not enough.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Are Plants or Meat Better Sources of Iron?

Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat-eater, iron is crucial to your diet. Our diet expert has the scoop on whether how you get that iron really matters.

5 Weird Health Risks of Low Vitamin D Levels

You know about depression, but we bet you didn't know a lack of the sunshine vitamin also increases your risk for these five things.

The Best Supplements to Make You Feel Beautiful

Smoother skin and fuller hair could be just one pill away.

New York Attorney General Says Labels on Supplements May Be Lying

Big retailers are being called out big time. Is the label to your supplement lying? Three ways to tell.

The Best Supplements to Take Every Day

There are many reasons to add these key vitamins to your diet routine.

The Quick Cure for Fatigue, Muscle Cramps, and More

Here's how to tell if you need more of it.

How to Pick the Best Vitamin D Supplement

If you can’t get vitamin D from the sun, pills are your next best option. These tips will ensure you get the most effective option

4 Scary Side Effects of Common Drugs

You pop these pills all the time for quick cures—but they've got some scary side effects you should know about.

Are You Taking Your Vitamin D Supplement Wrong?

Simply popping your sunshine vitamin may not be enough. Find out the right way to reap all the benefits.

Ask the Diet Doctor: Essential Amino Acids

Find out why these buzzed-about amino acids are key to your body's ability to build stamina, tone up, and lose weight.

3 Ways to Create Customized Snacks

If your usual picks fall short in nutrition or taste, visit these websites to design your own bars, breakfasts, and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Supplements

Find out which actually work for migraines, PMS, and insomnia—as well as general supplement-buying tips!

Your Brain On: Autumn

Fall may mean pumpkin spice lattes and foliage—but we look into what cooler temps mean for your mind, sleep, and mood.