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Your Crappy Job Has Long-Term Health Consequences

Judging by the number of us working on side hustles and passion projects in our free time, it's pretty obvious that building a dream career is major #goals. But according to a new study from Ohio State University, how happy you are with your job in your 20s and 30s is also important for how healthy you'll be down the road.

The Best Yoga Poses for PMS and Cramps

Yoga has a natural remedy for just about everything, and PMS (and the cramps that come with it!) are no exception. Whenever you start to feel bloated, blue, achy, or crampy—and you know your cycle is on its way—try these poses to nurture your body and get you back to feeling great.

Child’s Pose

Child's Pose

Is Muscle Confusion a Real Thing?

When I first started working out, I signed up for a gym that offered small-group personal training. We met three or four times a week, and the weight sessions rotated between high-rep, low-weight days; low-rep, high-weight days; and "normal" days (somewhere in the middle). The trainers would tell us that switching up the exercises like this kept our muscles from getting used to each workout, which could cause us to plateau. By "confusing" our muscles like this, we'd see steadier gains.