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How 10 Days In Cuba Taught Me to Talk Instead of Text

"Hotel Nacional is a must. They have an amazing mojito—and Wi-Fi!" "Snapchat is blocked there, so definitely get a VPN." "You'll need a new map app. Google Maps doesn't have an offline download option for Cuba."

High-Protein Vegetarian Recipes for a Satisfying Lunch

Veggie Power Bowl

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Stay fueled for the afternoon with this veggie power bowl. Not only will you get protein from the tofu, quinoa, and cashews, but this meal serves up additional health benefits thanks to the dried Montmorency cherries—better heart health, faster post-workout recovery, and improved sleep. (Discover more nutrient-rich power bowl combinations.)

Get the recipe: Veggie Power Bowl

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Broccoli Cauliflower Rice Quiche

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Eggs are a strong source of protein, dishing out 6 grams in just one large egg—so long as you eat the yolk. Don't discount a quiche as a lunchtime meal. Kelli Shallal, R.D., C.P.T., owner of Hungry Hobby, created this dish and it's a great make-ahead option for busy schedules. Adding vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower increases the fiber quota too, so you'll stay full until dinner.

Get the recipe: Broccoli Cauliflower Rice Quiche

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Tofu Banh Mi Wrap

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This slimmed-down take on this Vietnamese sandwich uses tofu instead of pork, and flatbread instead of regular bread. The lighter version packs some serious protein—7 grams from the tofu and about 12 grams from the flatbread—making this a high-protein power lunch. (For a greener option next time, try swapping out the flatbread for a lettuce wrap.)

Get the recipe: Tofu Banh Mi Wrap

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Pasta with Swiss Chard Walnut Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes

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If you're hankering for pasta come lunchtime, Julie Harrington, R.D., culinary nutrition consultant at RDelicious Kitchen, suggests swapping out plain old pasta for chickpea pasta to up the protein intake. "Chickpeas are high in both protein and fiber, which helps you feel full and can curb those afternoon snack cravings," she says. (Check out these other traditional pasta alternatives.)

Get the recipe: Pasta with Swiss Chard Walnut Pesto and Roasted Tomatoes

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Edamame Quinoa Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing

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"This quinoa salad contains 14 grams of protein from the black beans, edamame, and tofu," says Charlene Pors, R.D., owner of Euphoria Nutrition. That's 28 percent of your daily recommended amount. And since this salad is loaded with fiber-packed ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, and carrots, "it will surely keep you fueled and full until your next meal is served," she says.

Get the recipe: Edamame Quinoa Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing

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Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Sweet Apple Slaw

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Chickpeas are packed with protein, yes, but they're also a great source of folate—and that's good for maintaining heart health, says Natalie Rizzo, M.S., R.D., owner of Nutrition à la Natalie. Bonus: The sandwich is ready in minutes thanks to the help of a food processor.

Get the recipe: Chickpea Salad Sandwich with Sweet Apple Slaw

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Red Lentil Chili in an Acorn Squash Bowl

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Lentil chili is a great source of plant-based protein, fiber, and folate, says Elizabeth Shaw, M.S., R.D., nutrition communications consultant at Shaw's Simple Swaps. "By placing this chili in an acorn squash bowl, you also amp up your vegetable intake." (Acorn squash season isn't over yet—these 25 delicious recipes will encourage you to make the most out of this veggie before it's gone.)

Get the recipe: Red Lentil Chili in an Acorn Squash Bowl

Photo: Shaw's Simple Swaps

Sweet Potato Pinto Bean Burrito

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"The pinto beans in this burrito add a boost of protein and extra flavor to the mashed sweet potatoes," says Tracee Yablon Brenner, R.D., nutrition director of Triad to Wellness. "You'll also get fiber, vitamins, and minerals, which makes the ingredient an ideal plant-based protein source to include in a daily diet." (Learn how you can turn a can of beans into a tasty meal.)

Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Pinto Bean Burrito

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Spinach and Red Pepper Cheese Frittata

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This frittata is an excellent source of vegetables and protein, with more than 11 grams, says Sarah Koszyk, R.D., author of 365 Snacks for Every Day of the Year. You can include almost any vegetable combo you like, but this recipe uses spinach and red pepper. Pair it with a side salad for even more produce.

Get the recipe: Spinach and Red Pepper Cheese Frittata

Photo: Sarah Koszyk

5 Ways Having Sex Can Improve Your Workout

Good Sex, Great Workout

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Pounding heart, hot skin, mental thrill...the two activities have more in common than you might think, and according to new research, they can benefit each other in surprising ways. Here's how satisfying sex helps you get stronger, fitter, and happier. (Up Next: The Better Sex Workout)

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Consider It Your Warm-Up

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Sex revs your heart rate, increasing blood flow to your muscles and joints, which primes them for movement, says Yvonne Fulbright, Ph.D., the author of The Better Sex Guide to Extraordinary Lovemaking. This greater flexibility gives you a full range of motion when you exercise, so your form will be stronger and you'll get better results from your reps. (Psst... Want hotter sex and a higher libido? The answer is in the type of workout you're doing.)

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You May Work Out for Longer

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Having an orgasm turns on the area of the brain that dulls pain for up to 24 hours, found research from Rutgers University. Increased pain tolerance may help you pick up heavier dumbbells than usual or log an extra couple of miles on the treadmill. (Here's How to Orgasm Every Time, According to Science so you can get that boost.)

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The Afterburn Is Powerful

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Your body produces mood-lifting endorphins during sex, and that happiness can also make you more confident, says Fulbright. The more you believe in yourself and your abilities, the easier it is for you to tackle a tough routine like CrossFit or a HIIT session.

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There's the Refueling Factor

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During sex your body releases oxytocin, a hormone linked to better sleep, says Mark Anshel, Ph.D., a professor emeritus in the Department of Health and Human Performance at Middle Tennessee State University. Getting quality shut-eye means you'll recover quicker from your last workout and have more energy for your next one. (Learn more about the sleep-exercise connection.)

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