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Change Up Your Products

For mild thinning, spray a volumizer at the roots, but don't overdose. "Even a volumizing product can cause your hair to fall flat," says Gibson, who recommends his Ted Gibson Runway Ready Volume Mist ($48; Also try Philip Kingsley Plumping Cream ($33; Work it through towel-dried hair, then blow-dry. And use thickening and strengthening shampoos and conditioners such as TRESemmé Beauty- Full Volume Reverse Wash System ($5 each; drugstores) and Julien Farel Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner ($25 each; (Consider taking these steps to go the extra mile and protect hair from sweat damage. Yes, it's a thing.)

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Make Some Styling Tweaks

A simple shift to your hair routine could be all you need. Priority number one: Limit braids, too-tight workout ponytails, and extensions. And however unhip ye olde scrunchie may be, use it to keep your hair off your face while you exercise, says Doris Day, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. A scrunchie, or the more discreet Invisibobble Power ($9;, puts much less stress on your follicles than even coated hair bands. (Learn from this ballerina who lost her hair because of how tight her buns were, yikes!) Celebrity stylist Ted Gibson, of the eponymous New York City salon, offers other great tips: Cut bangs—if you have them, make them start closer to the crown—for fullness up front; blow-dry against the direction your hair normally falls to add height; and go for a messy part to obscure a widening one.

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Pump Up the Volume

Nearly half of women with thinning hair would give their life's savings for a full mane, research finds. Luckily, you don't have to. An array of options, from OTC remedies to custom add ons, are now available. Discover the causes of hair loss, plus smart solutions that will get you on a path to fullness.

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Wall Squat with Isometric Leg Compression

Wall Squat with Isometric Leg Compression


Stand with back to a wall. Press back flat against wall and walk feet out about 18 inches, then bend knees and slide torso down wall into supported sitting position.

B. Draw belly button in toward spine to engage core and relax legs. Inhale.

C. Exhale, squeezing all leg muscles tight until lungs are completely empty. Inhale and relax legs. Continue for 1 minute.

Squeezing muscles without shortening or lengthening them (isometric compression) promotes circulation to and from the extremities

Roll-Up with Forward Fold

Roll-Up with Forward Fold


Lie faceup on floor, arms stretched overhead. Inhale slowly while rolling up, one vertebra at a time.


Once fully upright with shoulders over hips, fold forward, reaching for toes. Exhale completely, drawing in from the core.


Inhale to rise back to upright seated position. Exhale and scoop belly and round back to roll down, one vertebra at a time.

Stretches the erector spinae and hamstring muscles that compress during long periods of sitting, plus increases circulation and spinal mobility