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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

If you lead a gluten-free lifestyle, it can be a bummer when the delicious cookie dough flavors of ice cream are off limits. I couldn't stand thinking about this anymore. So I whipped up this gluten-free, vegan cookie dough that uses the fabulous white bean as the binder.

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Photo: Shaw's Simple Swaps

Vegan Black Bean Brownie

Made without oil or eggs, each serving has less than 100 calories and less than 1g of fat. But these brownies still have 3g of protein per serving, certainly not a loss when it comes to filling desserts.

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Photo: Nourished NCE

Butter Bean Blondies

Instead of flour, you've got butter beans and peanut butter making up the base, adding fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

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Photo: Snacking in Sneakers

Cookie Dough Bites

These healthy cookie dough bites replace the flour with protein- and fiber-boosting chickpeas. Next time you're craving an all-night Friends feast where you nosh on cookie dough, resist the Toll House and try this instead.

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Photo: RDelicious Kitchen

Pumpkin Swirl Salted Brownie

These Pumpkin Swirl Salted Brownies are packed with fiber and protein—and taste like any other brownie. The pumpkin swirl topping is perfect for this time of year.

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Photo: Nutrition à la Natalie