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Periwinkle Blues

A springtime hit that's sticking around for summer, this cool color is perfect for the still-transitional weeks before the Fourth of July. ($24;

Photo: Nordstrom

Vintage Oranges

The '70s trends have taken over your closet, and now they're moving in on your makeup bag. Look to a rich tangerine to complement your beachy glow. ($35;




Photo: Tom Ford

Summertime Shades

Season in and season out, there's one thing you can rest assured knowing we'll do—and that's scour the beauty market for the best and brightest nail polish colors of the moment. Here are seven of our faves for summer 2016.

Photo: Shutterstock

Oh No! You Really Aren't Supposed to Eat Raw Cookie Dough

Okay, okay you probably know that technically you're never supposed to eat raw cookie dough. But despite mom's warnings that you might end up with a bad stomach ache from consuming raw eggs (which have been known to cause linked to Salmonella), who can really resist sneaking a spoonful before you put a batch of chocolate chips the oven?