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In this post, creative director at IAMPROUD and body-positive, self-love advocate Sophia Anderberg is reminding all of her 70K Instagram followers that we're all in the same boat together—even though every person and every body is very different. "Before you put yourself down for the weight you have not lost, the cellulite you have got on your butt or the bubblebumps you have on your thighs, look at us! The only reason we have a hard time loving our bodies is because of what society made a picture of that we will be happier if we lose weight or look in a certain way. If you have cellulite, or if you don't, if you weigh 55 kilos or 85, or more, or less, if you have dark hair or light hair, thighgap or no thighgap, WELCOME TO BE A SEXY HUMAN, regardless of your body size! Two girls in the picture, two different bodies, two different personalities, ONE LOVE for our own bodies! If we can, you can! You are perfect!"

Photo: @fiaanderberg Instagram


"BREAKING NEWS: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT TO BE WORTHY OF WEARING A BIKINI THIS SUMMER," wrote Megan Jayne Crabbe, body-pos activist and author of Body Positive Power, in this Instagram. "I used to spend every single summer starving and sweating to get the body on the left, telling myself that I was only allowed to be seen in swimwear once I'd hit that goal weight (and even once I did, it still wasn't enough). Not once did I ever hear the message that you don't have to shrink your body to deserve a summer in the sunshine.

Which is why I'm telling you now, so that you know the truth: you do not have to lose weight to be worthy of wearing a bikini... This year I didn't set a goal weight to hit before my holiday. And I didn't sit by the pool sucking my stomach in and worrying what everyone else thought about my body either. I just went. I laughed and played and ate and swam and wore every damn bikini I own without changing my body one bit. And guess what? It was so much better than all the self-hatred filled holidays that came before."

Photo: @bodyposipanda Instagram