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Navy Half Marathon—Washington, DC

This may be one of the most emotionally moving races out there. Beginning and ending under the shadow of the National Mall, the Navy Half Marathon honors past and present military members. Many of these military members race side by side with the civilians they served. In addition, there's a large Wounded Warrior contingent that makes this race—already aesthetically impressive—especially powerful.

North Face Endurance Challenge Utah—Park City, UT

This race is not for the faint of heart, but it's also worth every heavy breath and every tough stride. During North Face's Endurance Challenge in Park City, you'll hit a variety of trails, ranging from ski slopes turned mountain runs, dirt access roads, and mountain bike tracks. Try this one out if you're a seasoned vet looking for something to really push you to that next level.

Photo: Derrick Lytle

The AthHalf—Athens, GA

Throw it back to the college days with this half marathon through Athens, home to University of Georgia. You'll encounter rowdy students cheering you on from the sidelines, catch local bands playing streetside in the classically Southern downtown, and run through the autumn-colored trees that line the campus. Scenery aside, nothing beats the surge of adrenaline you'll experience as you approach the finish line of this race, smack dab in the middle of UGA's football stadium. Don't forget to check yourself out on the jumbotron! (Peep these 12 Amazing Finish Line Moments.)

Photo: AthFest Educates

Run Wild Missoula—Missoula, MT

Turn your next race into a vacation to Big Sky Country with the Missoula Half Marathon. Speed downhill towards some of the most picturesque rivers in the West, race through the countryside, and finish in downtown Missoula. After a mindblowingly beautiful race, sit back and revel in the small town vibes while donning your horsehoe medal. Grab a post-race brunch quick because you'll want to hit the ground hiking ASAP.

Photo: Pinterest

Savannah Remix Weekend—Savannah, GA

For some people, clocking in 13.1 miles on a Saturday isn't enough. To those people, we present the Savannah Remix Challenge. During this weekend for running fanatics, you'll lace up again Sunday morning and finish a 5K. If the adrenaline isn't enough to fuel you to sign up, maybe the idea of all the Southern food waiting for you is? And, yes, there will be plenty of local music pushing you to that finish line...both times.

Photo: Rock 'N' Roll Savannah