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Doughnuts and Deadlifts

This weightlifting clothing brand is all about ~balance~. As a "lifestyle brand for lifters & eaters," Doughnuts & Deadlifts is just as much about badass lifting (and relaxing) clothes as they are about impressive lifts and equally impressive doughnut eating. Seriously—if you can't handle a little doughnut porn, you should probably stay away from their Instagram feed. (Bonus: One of their ambassadors, pictured, made our list of amazing IG lifters to follow.)

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Photo: Doughnuts & Deadlifts

Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve—Alaska

Float along pristine, glassy waters as you wind between centuries-old glaciers. As you go, keep your eyes out for humpback whales, sea otters, and orcas as well as for glaciers shifting. If kayaking isn't your thing, try ice climbing to get familiar with the looming glaciers and gain a new perspective on the hood.

Fit Girl Favorite: Kayak Glacier Bay

Photo: @glacierbay_nationalpark

Crater Lake National Park—Oregon

Known for the collapsed volcano turned epic lake, this park centers around the water. As it turns out, the lake is the deepest in the entire country and arguably one of the most untouched. In summer months, you can hike the rim; when it gets cold, you can snowshoe for unimaginable views.

Fit Girl Favorite: Cliff jumping into the lake

Photo: @craterlakenpark

Acadia National Park—Maine

Start your day off early here and be the first person in the whole country to catch the sunrise. Since you're so far east, you'll see it before anyone else and it's guaranteed to be gorgeous. Any time of day, you should scale a couple rock faces to the top of Cadillac Mountain, or walk along the shores of one of Acadia's waterways.

Fit Girl Favorite: Hike Beehive Trail

Photo: @acadianps

Big Bend National Park—Texas

As one of the most remote and least visited national parks in the country, this park is a nature-lover's playground. Plus, its large ecological diversity makes it educational as well as fitness-friendly. This park is especially cool as night, as the wide open Texas sky spreads over the vast, uninhabited landscape, revealing every constellation.

Fit Girl Favorite: Hike to Boquillas Hot Springs

Photo: @bigbendnps