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Cucumber Bloody Mariachi Shots

Sometimes you just don't have room in your stomach for a big bloody Mary and an epic brunch meal. Enter: these Cucumber Bloody Mariachi Shots with a Tex-Mex twist. Your brunch guests will be super impressed with your cocktail presentation.

Photo: The Young Austinian

Green Bloody Mary

The secret to this spicy Green Bloody Mary is in the homemade jalapeño-infused vodka (it's super easy, we promise). Keep it on hand for bloody Marys every weekend, or to give any vodka cocktail a serious kick.

Photo: Platings and Pairings

Roasted Red Pepper Bloody Mary

Smoky jarred peppers add a slightly different tang to this Roasted Red Pepper Bloody Mary. Garnish with mini red peppers and fresh red flowers for extra brunch hostess points.

Photo: Heather Christo

Blonde Bloody Maria

Because blondes have more fun—Blonde Bloody Marias, that is. This beauty gets its color from green tomatoes and green pepper hot sauce. But don't let it fool you; this pale cocktail has just as much kick as your red-hot variety.

Photo: Probably This

Bloody Margarita

If tequila is more your jam at 10 a.m., then try swapping your basic bloody Mary for a Bloody Margarita—a cocktail that combines the best of both drinks for a mash-up made in alcoholic heaven. (If you're not usually a fan of horseradish, this recipe is for you because it leaves it out.)

Photo: Honey and Birch